If Marie Kondo went to the beach... here's the beach bag she'd take

Marie Kondo your days out at the beach with this highly organised, joy-sparking bag

Beach bag
(Image credit: Ruboka UK)

Heading off to the beach this summer? Big fan of Marie Kondo? We've come up with a few of (what we think are) Marie Kondo's favourite summer holiday buys... but this is something we reckon she'd definitely have with her: a sectioned bag with pockets for all her belongings so that everything is to hand, and easy to find. Best news? It's a bargain. Scroll for the deal.

Large Mesh Beach Tote Bag: RRP £14.97, now £10.97
This durable mesh bag is very sturdy – and can withstand sand, sea and... er... children. The bag has dual straps so it's easy to carry on your shoulders, and outside pockets for storing different items, plus a drawstring pocket inside for keeping valuable stuff. And when the holidays are over, it makes a great reusable grocery bag. Win win.