How to use chopsticks

Still wondering how to use chopsticks? Worry not: it's much easier than it looks

how to use chopsticks
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Want to learn how to use chopsticks? A staple in Asian households and restaurants, chopsticks are a great tool for eating rice and noodle dishes, as well as sushi. The trouble is that if you didn't grow up using them, it can be a bit of an adjustment. 

We will say that if you don't like using them, don't be afraid to ask for a fork at a restaurant – no one will judge you. We did find, however, that once we learned how to use chopsticks correctly, we'd never go back to use European cutlery for eating ramen or egg fried rice.

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How to use chopsticks

Using chopsticks is all about learning to hold them correctly. Basically, you only need three fingers – your thumb, index, and middle fingers – to use your chopsticks, leaving the remaining fingers free. 

1. Begin by pressing one of the chopsticks firmly between your thumb and your index finger. Use just the tips of your fingers for better dexterity.

2. Next, slide the second chopstick through the hole formed by your index finger and thumb.

3. Press up your middle finger to gently support the second chopstick. That's it, your chopsticks should now align so that they easily meet.