How to thicken gravy: two easy methods for lump-free success

Here's how to thicken gravy and achieve that delicious saucy consistency without lumps

how to thicken gravy
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Want to know how to thicken gravy? Gravy is like the icing on the cake of a roast dinner – and of a few other meals depending on your taste and location – and therefore, preparing this relatively simple sauce actually requires expert knowledge, care and attention. The perfect gravy should be thick enough to coat the back of a cooking spoon, but thin enough for a comfortable pour from what is hopefully a very beautiful gravy boat. So what if your gravy tends to turn out a little too watery? Fear not: thickening gravy is very easy, and can be done even mid-way through cooking. It's never too late, here's what to do to save your gravy.

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How to thicken gravy: make a roux

By far the best way to thicken gravy is to make a roux at the beginning of making it. It's very simple: just melt a generous wedge of butter in a saucepan over medium heat, then add a couple of tablespoon of flour. Then, pour in your gravy ingredients. Voila, your gravy will be thick and saucy.

How to thicken gravy with plain flour

If you've forgotten to make a roux, don't worry: there's still time to rescue your gravy. Mix a couple of tablespoons of flour with about the same amount of water, then gradually pour it into the gravy, stirring vigorously. Stop as soon as the gravy is thick enough.