How to make gravy like Gordon Ramsay does? With these super quick hacks

Delicious gravy to accompany your roast in a matter of minutes, Gordon Ramsay style? Here's how

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There’s no need to resort to store-bought granules to make the gravy that’s an essential with your roast. Instead use the juices from the joint you’ve roasted to make a delicious gravy. Even better, there’s no extra washing up with this method.

Discover how to make lamb gravy with our guide (it tastes great with beef, too). Find more inspiring food tips at our hub page.

Forewarning: you will need to cook the meat in a roasting pan you can use on the hob, or transfer the juices to a pan. If space is tight on the hob, it's fine to use a pan and transfer the juices over – this will save you space, but you'll need a good plastic spatula to scrape the pan with.

1. To make the gravy, take the joint out of the pan, and set it aside to rest. 

2. Spoon off most of the fat from the pan, leaving around a tablespoon – or transfer it all into a jug and spoon off the fat from there. 

3. Over a high heat, scrape the tin to incorporate the flavours of the bits left behind; here, we like to add 450ml stock. Gordon Ramsay's rich gravy recipe uses 200ml of red wine or port. 

4. Bring to the boil, then add three tablespoons of plain flour (more if you want a thicker gravy), stirring constantly. 

5. Now add back in all the cooking juices you drained off earlier and season. Turn the heat down to a simmer, stirring regularly, and reduce the volume of the mixture. It should only take about 10 minutes to get to around half of what it was, and you’re done. 

6. Want to add a final flourish? Gordon Ramsay adds a pinch of paprika here to enrich the flavour, plus some finely chopped herbs (he recommends rosemary and thyme).