How to make affogato: an espresso-based beverage (with ice cream!)

It's time to treat yourself with an affogato (or three!). Here's a step by step guide to making your own

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Want to know how to make an affogato? Us, too! It's super simple (honest) and is one which can turn your every-day espresso into a delicious afternoon treat or dessert. But wait up: just what is an affogato? Well, it's an espresso-based beverage with a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream or topped with a shot of hot espresso. Is there anything better than coffee? Or ice-cream? And the two combined together? Bellissimo!

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Oooh and Smeg have the perfect appliances to brew rich coffee and whip creamy vanilla ice-cream, too. Corr is all coming together today, on International Coffee Day of all days, too, which is launching a programme to support the next generation of young people in coffee.

Keep scrolling to see this perfect combination all come together...

Smeg appliances for making Affogato

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How to make affogato

You will need:

  • Ground coffee
  • (Lots of) ice cream
  • An espresso machine, or cafeteria
  • Dessert cup
  • Milk chocolate (optional)


1. Brew 50ml of hot espresso coffee

2. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a dessert glass or cup. Drown (the literal meaning of ‘affogato’) the ice cream with the coffee and serve whilst warm and melting

3. For an added treat, you can shave milk chocolate on top

4. Drink and feel all your worries melt away

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