3 things we learned from Magnolia's new Home Work series about decorating a kids room

Parents Andy and Candis created a very special bedroom for their daughter, Kit

Home Work's Andy, Candis and kids in front of their home
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Decorating a kids' bedroom is a lot of fun, but it can be hard to know where to start. If you're currently scrolling through girls' bedroom ideas and saving cute prints and duvet covers at random, take notes from Andy and Candis on Magnolia Network show Home Work.

The busy parents of seven, who are in the process of turning an old school in Utah into their dream family home, just decorated their daughter Kit's room - and it is gorgeous.

Andy and Candis from Home Work

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1. Involve kids with picking out furniture and accessories

In the third episode of Home Work season one, Andy and Candis take Kit, their only daughter, to a huge antique store. She has a good look around and is fully involved in the process of choosing the furniture for her bedroom. 

Kids' rooms are the one place they can really take pride in and express themselves. So remember to put the kids' bedroom ideas you wish you'd had to one side and listen to what your little one wants - within reason, of course. 

When Kit eyes up a vintage vase that turns out to be $250, her parents quickly establish that they won't be taking it home. But hey, maybe she can start her own antique collection one day.

living space in the Home Work school house with the kids playing

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2. bold patterned wallpaper

The most special feature of Kit's bedroom is without doubt the exquisite hand-painted wallpaper designed by Jenn Gracie. Featuring fruit trees, flowers and lots of different wildlife, the pink wallpaper brings tons of interest to the room.  

We've noticed bold wallpaper, in general, becoming increasingly popular in kids' rooms. Since Shea McGee decorated her girls' room in bold floral print, it's only a matter of time until the trend takes over.

Home Work family stood on the stairs in their home

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3. Homemade decor that brings the outdoors in

Candis also shared a lovely craft project using real branches to make her own faux plant feature. 'I'll be honest, it's hard to find greenery that really looks amazing,' she says. 

'I've been doing this for a long time - I take real branches and really inexpensive fake flowers and I glue the fake blossom and blooms to the real branches,' she explains. 

The mom-of-seven cuts off the flowers and attaches them with a glue gun to spots on the branches where they naturally would go. She ends up with natural-looking branches of faux blossom that work perfectly in a glass vase on the mantel Kit picked out in the antique store.

This elegant accessory would work elsewhere in the home, in a hallway, or as a teenage girl bedroom idea.

For a glimpse of the bedroom, head to Andy and Candis' Instagram. You can watch the whole process on Home Work on Magnolia Network now.

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