Hilary Duff's floating desk is perfect for anyone short on space

Plus, her interior designer shares why floating desks are now a newfound staple and the five pieces you should be considering.

Hilary Duff floating desk hack
Hilary Duff speaks during #BlogHer20 Health at Rolling Greens Los Angeles on February 01, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
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Hilary Duff's home is full of inspiration. From spiked consoles to a Samsung TV (all of which I've purchased), her home doubles as a blueprint of our wishlists, and in recent months, she made a huge update. 

After welcoming daughter Mae in April, Duff candidly explained she turned her last remaining "free" room into a newborn nursery. 

Now, while we can't exactly blame her (the room is stunning), it did leave the Younger star without an office. And, that was problematic — given we're all working from home these days. 

The solution? Tapping her longtime interior designer, David Ko, and some out-of-the-box thinking — which was what exactly? A floating desk. 

A floating desk is a foolproof way to create a working station — without performing any pricey renovations to your home, and Duff is living proof.

“I decided to utilize this sweet nook in our bedroom for a small thinking space/office for myself. I loved the idea of a floating desk, so everything still felt very light and sleek," she explains. 

The verdict? We sat down with Duff's full-service interior designer, David Ko — of Maison Ko to hear why a floating desk is not just amazing when paired next to the best armchair. 

Why is a floating desk one of the best investments?

"A floating desk is great because you are limiting the overall square footage to a certain area. [A] desk can be clunky, and on top of that, a desk chair. Since everything has pretty much gone digital, a lot of people only need their laptops and a place to sit/work. Also depending on the style of floating desk, you don't need to compromise function over form. When you aren't working, you can hide all your "office supplies" and transition [the floating desk] into shelving if it happens to be in a common/high-traffic area," explains Ko. 

With so many of us WFH, do you believe we'll see more of these space-saving desks? Is this a trend, or will it be more of a staple in homes? If so, why? 

"I think it would be more of a staple since it is super versatile, and as mentioned, if you want to clear off your space and use it as you would a shelf and accessorize accordingly, it then becomes a versatile piece. This space for Hilary was more of a place for her to do some creative thinking and writing and [use] her computer. If you need multiple monitors or something like that, then this is not the setup for you. This is also a great solution for kids' rooms," adds Ko. 

What are the requirements to replicate a space similar to Hilary's? Is there a specific amount of space you need or items? Any restrictions? 

"Make sure you have a contractor or handyman install a wall-hung desk because you want to make sure it's secured on studs. You could not only damage the drywall but also seriously injure yourself/someone if not properly installed. We had a perfect nook space where we were able to tuck the desk into a corner and have it be more asymmetrical. Since you are against a wall, I would ensure your desk is deep enough for comfort reasons. You don't want your legs to be squished up against a wall, " concludes Ko. 

Recreate Hilary Duff's floating desk with these 5 ideas:

Whether you're looking to recreate Hilary's light and ethereal floating desk or want something bolder, we've rounded up five floating desks to accompany every price, budget, and aesthetic. 

1. Try an all-black basic desk

Hilary Duff-inspired floating desk from wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Wade Logan Oglethorpe Floating Desk l Was $114.99, Now $97.99, at Wayfair

Designed with a bold base and clean lines, this two-drop-down floating desk will contain all of your everyday work necessities. 

2. Opt for a storage-inspired solution

floating desk with storage inside

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Red Barrel Studio Sander Floating Desk l Was $101.99, Now $91.99, at Wayfair

This clean-lined, elegant floating desk effortlessly blends with any existing décor. Featuring premium solid wood (and a protective covering), this choice has a folding desktop, lots of open shelves, and an additional bottom drawer for storage. 

3. Reach for this 2-in-1 choice

floating desk with hutch

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Zipcode Design Rossville Floating Desk with Hutch l Was $149.99, Now $107.99, at Wayfair

Stylish and affordable, this choice has an emphasis on the desk portion. Transform any space into a working area when a lightweight and convenient foldable desk folds down when you need it and folds back up when you're looking to keep things neat and orderly. It's the 2-in-1 you do not just want but need. 

4. Try a minimalistic approach

floating desk with metal chains

(Image credit: Amazon)

Walker Edison Modern Wood and Metal Wall Mounted Floating Desk for $126.34, at Amazon

Whether you're a renter or owner of an apartment or home, this minimalistic floating desk will be your new best friend. Securely designed with metal chains, this choice is sensational for those looking for "just the basics," there is enough space to conduct your daily activities, and the wooden base can seamlessly fold up when finished. 

5. Invest in a retro-inspired floating desk

retro inspired floating desk

(Image credit: Amazon)

Industrial Retro Pipe Wall Mounted Floating Desk for $143, at Amazon

If light and airy isn't your aesthetic, why not try this retro-inspired choice? Featuring two metal pipes (mounted into walls) and a rustic wooden base, it's the farmhouse flare everyone will appreciate. 

Want more floating desks? Check out additional suggestions below:

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