Google go green: here's how the tech giant's smart home buys are becoming more sustainable

Google bids to become more sustainable in the production of its smart home tech – proof that smart buys could contribute to a greener future

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As part of their #MadeByGoogle conference, Google outlined their intentions to make their smart devices – as well as their business, more generally – more sustainable. And it certainly shows in their latest range of product releases.

While plenty of companies have been shouting (in some cases very loudly) about their move towards sustainability, Google has already made a series of behind the scenes changes in a bid to reduce their impact on the planet. The most notable? Being carbon neutral since 2007. Impressive, right?

Below you'll find five more changes Google have made in a bid to make their latest smart devices more sustainable – most notably in their famous Google Nest Mini. Then, when you're done, head over to The Hub for the latest smart home news.

1. The Google Nest Thermostat will continue to significantly reduce household energy use

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the best smart thermostat: nest learning thermostat

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If current data is anything to go by, plans to increase sales of the Google Nest Learning Thermostat will dramatically decrease the amount of energy used by the average household. This is good news for the planet, as well as our purses. 

So far, Google's smart thermostats have helped to save 41 billion kilowatts of energy. That's enough to meet Denver, Colorado's energy needs for six years. Wow. 

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2. All Google Nest Minis will now be made from 35% recycled plastic

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

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Google also announced their commitment to using increasing amounts of recycled materials. In the case of the soon to be released Google Nest Mini, this means an outer shell made from 35 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic.

While the details are still a little unclear, Google have also committed to increasing the amount of recycled plastic used across the entire Google Nest range by 2022. So, we're excited to see what's next.

3. And their fabric cover will be made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

What's more, the fabric used to cover the all new Google Nest Mini will be made from 100 per cent recycled plastic. For context, a single half-litre plastic bottle makes enough fabric to cover more than two Nest Mini devices, which is a great use of the excess plastic in the world. 

Plus, this is all possible without sacrificing the quality of the new device. Trust us, we've had a play with them already. 

4. Google have committed to offsetting 100% of carbon released to ship their goods

While Google themselves have been carbon neutral since 2017, the same can't be said for companies they partner with. But, that's in the process of changing.

Google have also committed to offsetting 100 per cent of the carbon released during the shipping of their products, demonstrating their commitment to the cause. 

5. And they're investing $150 million into renewable energy

Outside of their own work to offset the carbon produced by partner firms, Google are set to invest an incredible $150 million into renewable energy projects internationally. We're excited to see exactly what this entails.

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