The Click and Grow Smart Garden lets you grow your own all year round

The Click and Grow Smart Garden uses an innovative combination of smart soil, a water tank, and LED lighting to help you grow your greens even during the winter months

Click and Grow Smart Garden
(Image credit: Click and Grow)

The Click and Grow Smart Garden is a perfect way to try out a smart home product (it is National Smart Home Month, after all) that offers something different from the majority of smart tech out there. This clever little device will help you grow your favourite herbs – or even strawberries, if you fancy – even in the darkest mid-winter. 

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Click And Grow Smart Garden 3

(Image credit: Click And Grow)

How does the Click and Grow do this? By utilising the power of 'smart soil' (inspired by NASA science, no less), a refillable water tank that keeps the plants watered, and a panel of LED lights that can be adjusted as your plants grow taller (this adjustable feature was not available on previous models). 

All you need to do is insert three plant pods into the device (they are biodegradable and don't contain any pesticides), fill up the tank, and turn it on. The lights will come on automatically as needed for the plants to grow. Easy peasy, even your kids can do it. 

What we really like about the Click and Grow, though, is the impressive variety of plug plants available: you can grow everything from herbs to flowers, and from tomatoes to... a spruce tree. We're very tempted to order some right now. 

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