The glitter grout micro-trend is the perfect way to update your bathroom

Because let's face it, we're all tired of our bathroom tiles after this year

glitter grout
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If you want to give your bathroom a revamp without starting from scratch, there are more inexpensive options than you might think. Here's a bathroom tile idea for those that love a bit of sparkle. Glitter grout can be applied between tiles to add a personal touch - we asked Tile Giant how it's done.

Many of us are feeling tired of our current bathroom decor, but it's amazing what a small tweak can do.

glitter grout

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Glitter grout means you can introduce a new color into your bathroom color scheme, whether you clash bright tones or go for something more subtle. Plus, it creates the excuse to buy some new bathroom accessories to compliment your new, sparkly bathroom. You could also add glitter grout to your bathroom flooring, and if you have a small bathroom, it's definitely worth trying as you don't have too much surface area to cover.

You can buy ready mixed glitter grout, or you can mix glitter into a pot of grout yourself. Tile Giant recommends the Mapei Kerapoxy Design Tub, which has two components, a filler, and a reaction hardener. The smaller tub must be added in with a spatula, and stirred with a mechanical stirrer, for 3-4 minutes until you have a smooth paste.

glitter grout

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Then it's time to add the Mapei glitter. 'You can add 1-3 sachets of the glitter, but we recommend 2 sachets for the best glitter results!' Tile Giant says. 'Empty the sachets into the tub of grout and work well into the mix, folding in the glitter with a spatula.'

'Using the mechanical stirrer on the same slow setting, mix the glitter slowly into the grout mixture to ensure the glitter is dispersed evenly throughout the product,' Tile Giant says.


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Some DIYers have gone over their existing grouting, but Tile Giant recommends removing any existing grout before you start. Make sure the joints are free from any loose material or adhesive, wear protective gloves, and cover any exposed surfaces before you begin the makeover.

Grout pens are another great modern bathroom idea to brighten up your space without the glitter effect. Grey, black and white are popular color choices to freshen up the grouting between your tiles.

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