Give your hallway an update this weekend with this easy paint idea

Freshen up your hallway for spring in just a few hours with our hallway paint ideas

Hallway painted with ombre paint effect
(Image credit: Crown )

Miserable weather doesn't have many perks, apart from an excuse not to socialise and plenty of time to give your home some TLC with say, some hallway paint ideas from us. This cute idea will just take a few hours but is so effective, plus a great way to add a touch of colour. We love the blues that have been used here (very spring-like) but of course you can use any colour you like.

Keep scrolling to find out how to create the look and head over to our DIY hub page for loads more projects to get you through the weekend. 

Hallways with ombre stairs

(Image credit: Crown Paint)

You will need:

Step one: tape off your stairs 

As you are just painting the front of your stairs, tape off the edges so you get a really clean line. 

Step two: mix your paint

So either, you can pick one dark paint and for every couple of steps just add more white to get the gradient or you could pick a few different paints with the same hues. Whatever you choose, pop each colour into a separate bowl or tray, we would recommend rather than doing a different shade for each step, group them together into two or three steps.

Step three: start painting 

Start with the darkest colour, changing to a lighter shade every two or three steps. Two coats should be enough for each step. Allow them to dry and just step back and enjoy your new super stylish staircase.

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