Flying long-haul? The Casper mattress collab might mean you sleep well – at 30,000 feet

The innovative mattress company has teamed up with American Airlines to help customers achieve the perfect flight’s sleep

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Casper has collaborated with American Airlines to offer First Class, Business and Premium-Economy passengers eight new Casper sleep products that promise a superior kip while crossing the Atlantic. Provided you turn left when you board, obvs! 

Casper and American Airlines collab

(Image: © Casper)

Those in the lucky seats can enjoy a specially-made mattress pad that smooths over seat grooves to mimic a real bed when in full recline. There’s also a choice of two pillows, one for sleeping and a lumber pillow for when you’re sat up, ordering your next glass of bubbly. 

Alongside a duvet and blanket, an ultra soft set of Casper PJs and slippers will help keep the chill off as you clock up the air miles. The only real problem we can envisage is that American Airlines may struggle to get its premium class customers to disembark!

As for those of us that turn right? As you were, grappling with that blow-up neck cushion.