The 5 interior designers we're obsessed with right now

A study reveals the most influential interior designers, and unsurprisingly Joanna Gaines tops the list

chip gaines and joanna gaines inspecting wooden door on fixer upper
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We like to justify our late-night Instagram scrolling curled up on the sofa as 'interiors research' – I mean, where would we be without all the inspiration we get on our feeds from designers like Shea McGee? 

Taking tips from the top gives us ideas for our house renovations and DIY projects, even if we have to recreate them on a significantly tighter budget. A new study reveals the five most influential interior designers in the US, and it's going to be a shock to no one that Joanna Gaines is #1. 

Keep scrolling for the five biggest players.

studio mcgee large living room with fireplace and large windows

Shea McGee has inspired millions with her classic neutral style

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The five most influential interior designers in the US

By analyzing Instagram profiles and marketing calculators, home improvement website Evolving Home has worked out who are really the most influential interior designers in the US . 'Interior designers are incredibly popular with home renovators as they are a major source of inspiration, information and expertise,' says Evolving Home. 

According to the experts at Evolving Home, Joanna and Chip Gaines are at the top, followed by Shea McGee, Bobby Berk and Drew Scott.

  • Joanna Gaines
  • Chip Gaines
  • Shea McGee
  • Bobby Berk
  • Drew Scott

bobby berk sitting in neutral living room with neon light feature

(Image credit: Yellowpop x Bobby Berk)

Chip and Joanna Gaines' combined following of 19 million (and ability to earn thousands per post) has earned them the top spot among the five most influential interior designers. The Fixer Upper stars' on-screen chemistry, authenticity, and Jo's instantly recognizable modern farmhouse style have shaped interiors trends for years.

After all, they did single-handedly spark a nationwide craze for shiplap. Joanna Gaines' interiors are marked by a homely yet modern feel (and always feature at least a handful of the best indoor plants). 

Studio McGee co-founder Shea McGee's influence extends through her New York Times' best-selling book and Netflix series, Dream Home Makeover. Shea says, 'clear the clutter so you have the room to see the potential in front of you,' speaking to her aspirational and pared-back style characterized by walls drenched in the best white paint, oversized light fittings and lots of natural materials.

mediterranean inspired living room designed by joanna gaines on fixer upper

A living room designed and created by Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper, for a client who wanted a Mediterranean-inspired design

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Queer Eye's Bobby Berk has a similar modern and sleek design style, mixing old and new. We also have the fab five member to thank for this simple but transformative $20 rented kitchen tip.

Last but not least, Drew Scott (and his brother, Jonathan) have a total of 2.4 million Instagram followers each, and the fourth season of Celebrity IOU is dropping on HGTV on April 18th.

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