Why the fall tiered tray trend is perfect for small spaces

And how to get it right

fall tiered tray with pumpkins
(Image credit: Liz Casamatta @fortheluvofhome)

If you're not familiar with the fall tiered tray, where have you been? We're loving this home decor trend because it's a super simple way to inject some seasonal decorations. 

It's perfect if you're on a budget, living in a small space, or if you're under strict instructions to not go overboard with your fall decor buys this year. Not to mention the fact it's totally doable even if you're not hugely artistic...

All you need is an eye for arranging pumpkins, leaves and other decorations picked up from places like Hobby Lobby or Target – but more on that later.

fall tiered tray with pumpkins

(Image credit: Liz Casamatta @fortheluvofhome)

We noticed the fall tiered tray popping up on our timelines this time last year, and then they transformed with bunnies and eggs over Easter. But it's not just us who think fall tiered trays are going to be big this year. 

Etsy tells us that there has been a 72% increase in searches on its website for 'fall tiered trays' in the last three months. This is compared to the same time last year.

There has also been a 65% rise in searches on Etsy for 'tiered trays' in general over the last three months when compared to this time in 2020. A quick google and foray on Pinterest and you'll see that interiors fans are already getting creative with the trend, making individual looks.

A fall tiered tray is a great way to bring a festive feel to a room, without spending a ton of money or overpowering the space. We asked interior stylist and writer Laurie Davidson for some pointers on how to style a fall tiered tray for the best results.

'Tiered trays are ideal for displaying fall accessories and can easily be updated from season to season,' says Laurie. 'Start by adding larger items – one or two to each tier – then add in smaller accessories around them.' 

Laurie says to get a good mix of heights and shapes, and play around with things like pumpkins, small signs and sprigs of seasonal foliage. 

fall tiered tray with pumpkins

(Image credit: Liz Casamatta @fortheluvofhome)

'Don't have a tiered tray? Try using two or three different sized cake stands or a cloche instead – just be sure they're not placed anywhere they can be easily knocked,' adds Laurie.

We like the look of this rustic two-tiered tray on Amazon - fill it with fall decor pieces in one or two key colors and you've got yourself a seasonal hallway idea sure to receive compliments from guests. It would also look fab on a coffee table or dining table as it has no 'back,' looking great from all angles.

There's endless inspiration online, but how cute are these mini glass cloches on Amazon for display pumpkins? Happy decorating!

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