Here's how often you should wash your clothes, according to experts

Are you making life hard for yourself when it comes to laundry?

how often you should wash your clothes
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Laundry day always comes around far more quickly than we'd like. But we could be cutting down on trips while building a more sustainable wardrobe, according to Kyle Grant, founder of sustainable laundry service Oxwash. We like to think we've got it down when it comes to how to do laundry properly, but if we're making life hard for ourselves, we want to know about it.

The laundry company has shared how often we should be washing our clothes to help us avoid over-washing and keep our clothes in good condition for longer. Read on to find out just how often you should be washing your clothes.

how often you should wash your clothes

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We've all had a laundry disaster at some time or another, from a brand new white shirt dyed grey to a jumper shrunk beyond all recognition. Our guide on how to wash clothes by hand will help for the more delicate (and probably expensive) items in your wardrobe. Plus, if you've had an unfortunate spillage at dinner, our stain removal guide is here to help.

How often you should wash your clothes, according to Oxwash

Coats - 2-3 times a season

Sweaters - 2-3 wears for cotton, silk, cashmere & up to 5 wears for wool

Jeans - When they smell!

Trousers & joggers - After a few wears

Sweatshirts & hoodies - After a few wears

Suits - 3-4 wears for wool, 4-5 wears for synthetics

Pajamas - After 3-4 wears

Dresses - 1-3 wears or after every wear if the dress is formal

Shorts & skirts - After 2-3 wears

Bras - Hand wash after 2-3 wears

Workout clothes - After every wear (if you get sweaty!)

Whites & silks - After every wear

Formal shirts - Every 1-2 wears

Blouses - Every 1-2 wears

Underwear, socks & tights - After every wear

T-shirts - After every wear

Bathing suits - After every wear

how often you should wash your clothes

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We’re all guilty of wearing something once and throwing it in the laundry basket when it might simply need some spot cleaning with a damp cloth and detergent. We often wash clothing with a mixture of items, without looking at the wash labels properly. 

But over-washing can be more of a clothing killer than over-wearing, so check that t-shirt really needs to be cleaned first. We asked cleaning company Fabulosa, who highlighted that 'every time your clothes go in the wash, the fabric is put under stress.' 

'Not only will washing your clothes less frequently reduce your energy usage, but it's also more environmentally friendly to run your machine less often, AND it can even prolong the life of your favourite outfit,' the Fabulosa experts said. Their Spray & Wear product will refresh clothes between washes, killing 99.9% of bacteria

For more tips, our best laundry hacks piece is full of ideas.

how often you should wash your clothes

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Oxwash is a UK-based, on-demand laundry service that collects your washing, ironing, and dry cleaning straight from your doorstep. It then washes your clothes using low-impact washing technology.

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