Interiors expert reveals outdoor lighting trick to make your space feel bigger

A lightbulb moment

outdoor string lights and lanterns with fire pit and chairs
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We spend a hell of a lot of time between our four walls during the colder months - and as much as we love the cozy fall vibes, we always want to feel like we have enough s p a c e. An interior design expert has shared an unusual outdoor light tip that can make your home feel bigger. 

Nick Lewis, who shares interior tips and tricks on his YouTube channel, explains that the best outdoor lighting can actually make the inside of your home feel larger.

outdoor lighting in courtyard

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'If you have a balcony or an outdoor space, don't forget to put lighting outdoors as well,' Nick says in a recent YouTube video all about lighting. He comments that sometimes if you don't have any lighting outdoors whatsoever during the winter months, you look outside in the evening and it's pitch black.

'It creates a really dark barrier between your interior and the outside world,' says Nick. 'If you're staring out your window and all you see is a black wall, it's going to close in your interior. 

'It's going to create a scenario where you can't see beyond that black wall.' This, he argues, will make your space feel smaller and more cramped. 

outdoor sconce on brick wall

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Often we save outdoor string lights for when people are coming over. But turn on some outdoor fairy lights or even light some candles inside lanterns and all of a sudden the inside and outside feel more special - and more spacious.

So for those lucky enough to have some outdoor space, it's worth considering lighting options to extend your living space. Illuminate a tree in your small front garden with an outdoor spotlight from Amazon just so you can actually see outside.

Hang up some cute string lights along your fence or add outdoor wall sconces to your outdoor living space. 'Wall lights are a great option for compact gardens,' says Natalie Mann from Iconic Lights.

solar powered dandelion lights in garden with outdoor furniture

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 'They keep the floor space free, casting the glow across the garden without compromising on room, while highlighting the garden’s key features. Position stylish wall lights along the walls to add make the outdoor space feel like an extension of the home,' she adds.

Two things to bear in mind when thinking about outdoor lighting are neighbors and local wildlife. Opt for solar lights to keep things mellow - and cost-effective - and remember to turn lights off at night.

Some garden lighting ideas look beautiful - from pendants to lit-up pathways. As Nick says, a small amount of light outdoors reminds us that there's a world five or ten feet beyond our window, thus making your home feel larger.

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