Dreading another heatwave today? These hot weather tips are a must-read

We've seen everything this summer, from flash floods to a scorching heatwave. If there is another bout of hot weather, take advantage of these tips to stay cool

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Does the thought of another heatwave fill you with dread? Some of us were at least a little bit relieved when last week's heatwave gave way to mild weather and rain. Although not so much when it lead to flash floods. But that doesn't mean that there won't be any more hot weather this summer. In fact, it's due to be hot again today. 

If you are sensitive to hot weather and find yourself quickly overheating, or if your bedroom seems to soak up heat and takes ages to cool down, there are some super easy ways* you can use to keep cool.

1. Swap cotton bedding and clothes for linen

Ever wondered why people in the Med clad themselves in linen? Because it keeps you cool. The secret of linen is that it does not hold onto moisture, unlike cotton. You can even try swapping your cotton sheets for linen ones; we guarantee you'll be less sweaty at night.

2. Rub pulse points with ice

Rubbing ice on your wrists, neck and temples really does work, because blood flows closer to the surface of your skin in those areas. For an even more reinvigorating effect, make your ice cubes with tea (green or black, whichever you prefer) and then swipe all over your face and neck. You will instantly feel better. 

3. Sip, don't gulp, your iced drink

Drinking in small sips will allow you to gradually cool down (as well as encouraging you to move around less, which in itself will help you feel cooler). Downing a very cool drink, on the other hand, could give you indigestion, so avoid drinking too quickly. 

4. Position fans on the floor

It's lovely to put a fan in front of your face, but all that's really doing is moving hot air around. Placing your fan on the floor, on the other hand, will help the cooler air rise up. Choose from one of the best fans in our buyer's guide.

5. Invest in blackout blinds

Direct sunlight equals more heat inside, even when it's not that hot outside. If you have a south-facing room and want it to keep cool, blackout curtains and blinds are your best bet, although even closing normal blinds will reduce the greenhouse effect in your home.

6. Take a warm shower

You know how everyone always tells you to take a cold shower when you're hot? That advice is actually wrong, because shocking your body with cold water makes it over-compensate and try to conserve what heat is left by slowing down your blood flow. A warm shower, by contrast, will increase your blood flow and encourage your body to expel the extra heat faster. 

*Tips developed in collaboration with Duette Blinds

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