The new kitchen DIY trend taking over Instagram

If you love a streamlined space, the kitchen appliance garage trend is made for you

white kitchen cabinetry concealing appliances
(Image credit: Neptune)

The kitchen appliance garage trend is the latest DIY project filling up our social media feeds, and, similar to fridgescaping, it's good looking and practical. This clever kitchen storage idea conceals items that we know to be useful but not stunningly beautiful. 

Looking at you, Nutribullet. It's ideal for open-plan spaces or if you simply want the heart of your home to feel more zen.

white kitchen cabinetry concealing appliances

(Image credit: Neptune)

Kitchen appliance garage trend

The kitchen appliance garage is essentially a little house for your toaster, kettle, blender – and any other hardworking but bulky appliances you don't want on show 24/7. People have been sharing their DIYs like this step-by-step TikTok IKEA hack, and the equally space savvy garage below created by @valerie_hhouse.


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This TikToker's smart storage solution keeps their best kitchen appliances neatly stowed, and ready for action. One TikToker user joked that they'd need a multi-level parking garage for all their gadgets and appliances.

Another said an appliance garage would be perfect for concealing their rice cooker. Kitchen designer Susan Serra comments that since the pandemic began, small appliances have spiked in popularity.

This prompted the kitchen appliance garage trend, giving birth to all kinds of ingenious roll-up, flip-up or retractable doors to house our gadgets. 'When planning an appliance garage, don't forget to measure your tallest small appliance and then add a couple of inches in height to make sure it clears any cabinet obstruction from hardware or door,' says Susan. 

She recommends speaking to a kitchen designer to ensure your appliances fit, and you'll also need to think carefully about which devices you need every day. 'One clever spot for small appliances is to design a roughly 18-21" wide space underneath the countertop which will house a small bar cart that can roll out easily and look stylish,' Susan adds.

Would you incorporate this 'now you see me, now you don't' kitchen idea into a future remodel? We think that since the kitchen has evolved into such a social, multi-functional space, it calls for more clever ways like this for keeping clutter behind closed doors.

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