Aldi is selling the Kärcher Wet & Dry vacuum for just £49.99!

Thanks Aldi for making our spring cleaning a whole lot easier (and cheaper) with a bargain Kärcher vacuum that works a treat

Karcher vacuum
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Thinking it might be time to start your spring clean? Well, pick up a Kärcher vacuum from Aldi and you'll be on the right track! This week, the Special Buys are all about getting your home tidy, de-cluttered and sparkling clean without having to spend very much money and the star product of this week is definitely the Kärcher WD2 Wet & Dry Vac. It's currently on sale at Aldi for just £49.99 so you really can't go wrong!

Keep scrolling to find out more about Aldi's offerings (which are all on sale in-store and some even online right now) and head over to our cleaning hub page for loads of practical tips to get the products in action. 

Karcher vacuum

(Image credit: Aldi)

Well here it is, the hero product. The Kärcher WD2 Wet & Dry Vac. When we saw Aldi was selling this model we had a quick trawl of the internet, see how much it was going for elsewhere and this is by far the cheapest price we saw! It's just £49.99, which for such a well known, quality brand vacuum is fab! We had a quick look at the online reviews too and everyone raves about how great it is because it's super heavy duty. This vacuum doesn't just pick up dust and dirt, oh no, this vacuum can tackle rubble, sawdust and liquids. It can even be used to unblock a sink! 

You can also buy it online at Aldi right now, so no need to worry about fighting over the one left in your local – none of the,  "No Karen this one is mine, I let you have the last patio heater back in the summer and the last giant Kevin the Carrot at Christmas, so back off" battles. 

If you aren't after a new vacuum cleaner, there are other buys right now and Aldi to help with your spring clean. Shake N' Vac, fabric shavers, handheld vacuum cleaners, all for super cheap prices, HInchers you will have a field day. 

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