The Desenio Sofia Richie 'Studio Hollywood' collection is peak quiet luxury — and perfect for a wall revamp

If you're making decor changes in 2024, we recommend the Desenio Sofia Richie 'Studio Hollywood' collection

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If you're thinking about a few decor upgrades in 2024, the Desenio Sofia Richie "Studio Hollywood" collection is a great way to add an elegant ambiance to your abode. 

Between the mid-century modern architecture, the palm trees, the Hollywood Hills, and the queen of quiet luxury herself, each photograph boasts plenty of selections to love. (And we're never ones to deny ourselves a taste of California, obviously.)

While the line might not be a new release, you can rest assured that the sophisticated black and white portraits will never go out of style, which is a major plus if you're contemplating small living room ideas. Consider this a gentle reminder to start measuring your walls.

The Desenio Sofia Richie 'Studio Hollywood' collection

Step back in time to 1950s and '60s California and transport yourself into a quiet luxury landscape with the style's mascot with Studio Hollywood. (Speaking of which, have you seen Sofia Richie's posh dining room? You'll want to copy the look ASAP.) The aesthetic of the photo series might be understated, but you'll realize that it goes a long way. 

"It's an art of creating magnificence through simplicity," says designer Artem Kropovinsky. "It is on picking those subtle sophisticated ones which do not make any overstatements but mix minimalism with a bit of high style."

When it comes to the wall art that fits within this design space, designer Anthony Hernandez, the co-founder and president of Maison & Co., insists it's not about one image standing out, rather, it's about all of the pieces complementing one another for a seamless feel. That means you'll have to channel a minimalist mindset.

"Similarly to the effects of paneling, artwork with only one or two colors, neutral tones and a color palette that matches the fixtures in a space will promote a sleek and cohesive appearance in any room," he says. 

And as for the rest of the room? You'll want to take a somewhat similar approach to what you're assembling on your walls.

"In order to incorporate this idea into an interior setting, try to combine material and texture using slight nuances," Kropovinsky says. "[Try] soft fabrics combined with mattes and tints of muted undertones and rich hints."

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

Anthony Hernandez

Anthony is the co-founder and president of Maison & Co., a Florida-based "one-stop-shop" for full services for properties. According to the brand, clientele ranges from homeowners to designers, builders, and architects.

What we're shopping

Naturally, we found a few pieces we'd love to add to our collection. Here are a few of our favorites:

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