21 home date night ideas for Valentine's Day and beyond – and what to buy

The Real Homes guide on home date night ideas – lockdown style. Here are 21 things you need to buy to spice up the romance at home...

Home date night ideas: PartyTouchesUK Valentines Day Decorations
(Image credit: PartyTouchesUK)

If you are looking for home date night ideas while we are in lockdown, then we can help. Whether for Valentine's Day 2021 (be quick!) or a Saturday evening while we are stuck indoors, here are some ideas (and buys) to help bring the romance home. Because you can still have fun together when your favourite bar is shut, the cinema is closed, or you can no longer go for dinner at the newest restaurant in town.

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1. Cook up a storm with this heart-shaped Le Creuset cookware

Le Creuset Cast Iron Heart Casserole

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

You will, of course, be spending Valentine's Day cooking at home instead of heading out to a restaurant – let's look on the bright side as it's a great excuse to buy new cookware. Try out one of our recipes – from fish pie to chicken casserole and beef bourguinon.

2. Get all dressed up in your best gear – or buy some new clothes for the occasion

One of the most exciting parts about date night is getting dressed up – agreed? So, what's the harm in getting dressed up to stay at home? This will definitely make a date night evening feel more special than just a regular evening – especially if you are going to buy a new outfit for the occasion. You could even buy each other an outfit to wear for a little bit of fun. Where to go? ASOS, always...

3. Set up your own home cinema – just like this Instagrammer has

As you can see from Kelly's (@kellyprincewright) setup above, you just need a home projector and add some fairy lights to the mix for an oh-so Instagrammable evening. Gives another meaning to date night at home, eh? 

4. Binge a new TV show and subscribe to a new streaming service – here are a few of our suggestions

Netflix on TV with couple watching from behind

(Image credit: Netflix)

If you don't want to spend Valentine's Day (or a date night) watching the same old TV you watch every other night, then why not subscribe to a new streaming service to make this occasion special? This way you can start a new TV series, or watch a movie you've wanted to see for a while. These services are free to cancel, too! You needn't pay for more than one month if you won't use it...

5. Buy some romantic decor to make the evening extra special 

PartyTouchesUK Valentines Day Decorations

(Image credit: PartyTouchesUK)

If you are fed up of spending date nights inside of the same four walls, then it could be a smart idea to buy some new (and romantic) home decor. This is the stuff you can whip out for a romantic evening in – from bunting to lighting and more.

6. Buy this Valentine's Day meal kit and make heart-shaped pasta from scratch for dinner

Pasta Evangelists Valentine's Day Amore Pasta Making Kit – pink ravioli on side with cutter

(Image credit: Pasta Evangelists)

If you don't fancy getting a takeaway for date night, or you'd rather get messy in the kitchen, then a meal kit can make your evening feel special, and it's a nice activity to do together. In fact, we can't think of anything more romantic than making your own heart-shaped pasta at home.

7. Get some dried flowers from Bloom & Wild for a romantic table setup

Instead of buying flowers for a Valentine's gift, use them to decorate your home and bring the outside in, or to go on your Valentine's Day table this year.

8. Treat yourself to a cocktail making kit and get busy in the kitchen (with your other half, of course)

Grey Goose Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit

(Image credit: Grey Goose)

9. Get competitive over a game of Cluedo, Monopoly or even a virtual escape room

Puzzle Post UK Escape Room In An Envelope, Personalised Puzzle Gift

(Image credit: Puzzle Post UK)

We all love a board game come Christmas, but whose to say that you can't play one on Valentine's Day? Just don't get too competitive...

10. Transform your home into a spa with this essential oil diffuser

Ellia Adore Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

(Image credit: Ellia)

We love the idea of this one – especially if it's always our turn to be given the massage. Since spas are currently shut so a spa day is off the cards, why not bring it home? We suggest buying an essential oil diffuser for the full effect.

11. Get messy and sculpt some clay with this home pottery kit 

JackLaverickCeramics Home Pottery Kit For 1-2 People - DIY Craft At Home

(Image credit: JackLaverickCeramics)

Roll up your sleeves because it's time to get your pottery on and do something very different this date night. Make each other a mug, bowl, plant pot – whatever, they'll love it and it's handmade. Make an event out of showing each other your creations once they are set.

12. Bring the bar home with a drinks trolley 

Harper Drinks Trolley

(Image credit: Dunelm)

One of the best things we've bought during this pandemic is a bar cart – it really does make you feel like you are kind of at a bar. Get one that's on wheels so you needn't move from your sofa to grab a drink, and don't forget an ice bucket – the one we've popped below will do the trick.

13. Why not design some jewellery together? Use this lovely kit to do so...

Cast Bespoke Jewellery Making Kit

(Image credit: Cast)

Jewellery making at home? Well this is something a little different. With help from this kit you can make each other a lovely bespoke ring, and design it in a shape you know they will love. You'll send your wax back to the Cast workshop, where they will transform it into a solid 925 sterling silver, solid gold (rose, yellow or white 9/18/24ct) or platinum ring. How lovely?

14. Let these cards decide which movie you'll watch

Personalised Box Of Movie Date Night Ideas

(Image credit: A Year of Dates)

If you are a couple who can never ever choose what to watch on TV – date night or not – then you need these cards. Simply choose one next time you want to watch a movie, and the card will decide for you – no more hours lost trying to decide on something both of you love.

15. Or, organise a romantic treasure hunt with this kit

Valentines Day Treasure Hunt Kit Pack

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

This romantic Valentine's Day treasure hunt will be sure to provide a lot of entertainment on date night. Give them clues to different spots in your home, where you can pop presents, decorate an area and more – get creative!

16. Build a gingerbread love shack together – and then eat it in front of the TV

Love Shack Gingerbread House Baking Kit

(Image credit: Honeywell Biscuit Co)

Clearly, gingerbread houses are not just for Christmas. With this kit you can built a 'love shack' together – then eat it in front of the TV watching your favourite movie. Cute!

17. Better yet, bake some rainbow bagels together with help from this easy kit

Rainbow Bagel Baking Kit

(Image credit: Honeywell Biscuit Co)

If gingerbread is not your favourite, then you must love a bagel? Better yet, a rainbow bagel. Buy this kit to make some colourful bagels together, and enjoy them with sweet or savoury fillings – one for the Instagram, we reckon.

18. Let your fate be decided for you with these date night tokens

Personalised Glass Bottle Date Night Tokens

(Image credit: Proper Goose)

If you are a couple who is constantly umming and ahhing about what to do come date night – home cooked dinner, takeaway, board game, movie night? – then this jar can help inspire you. 

19. Take a dip outside in this inflatable hot tub – just £330 from Argos

Lay-Z-Spa Cancun 2-4 Person Hot Tub

(Image credit: Lay-Z-Spa)

Give a new meaning to 'date night' with help from a hot tub – this non-permanent fixture just needs to be inflated and filled with water. Turn it on to heat up a few hours before you want to get in, and bring some prosecco to enjoy twice the bubbles. When we are allowed guests over, they'll love using it, too.

20. Indulge on another level with a chocolate fondue kit

Quirky Chocolate Ultimate Date Night Chocolate Fondue Dipping Kit

(Image credit: Quirky Chocolate)

Chocolate lovers will jump for joy when they hear about this kit – it comes with everything you need to enjoy chocolate fondue at home. A lovely dessert to finish date night, or you could make it the main event while watching a movie. Something different!

21. Embark on a gin tasting adventure with this set from Drinks by the Dram

Drinks by the Dram 12 Dram Premium Gin Collection

(Image credit: Drinks by the Dram)

Drinks flights aren't just limited to wine, clearly. Buy this gin tasting set (they also have tequila, whisky and rum ones, too) to try out a few new flavours and brands. Write notes on which ones you prefer, and make an evening out of it with cheese and biscuits or other snacks to enjoy while tasting. 

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