Considering a garden office if you are working from home? This B&Q one is a bargain

As Coronavirus is forcing the majority to work from home why not turn a garden room into a garden office, like this one from B&Q

B&Q garden room: Shire Cannock 12x8 Apex Tongue & groove Wooden Cabin
(Image credit: B&Q)

Dreamed of your own garden office? Well now could be the time to make it a reality. Coronavirus has forced a great many of us to work from home, and the situation isn't looking to change any time soon, with further restrictions of movement likely to be implemented to help combat the spread of the virus. If the thought of working in the same space you sleep and eat for weeks on end is filling you with dread and you have a garden, you should consider having an outbuilding installed.

A garden office is just a home office built in a garden room. Garden rooms are superior to gazebos and summerhouses, because they provide insulation from damp and cold, while not requiring planning permission. You just need to make sure you're not using it for sleeping and it's not taller than 2.5 metres. 

Shire Cannock 12x8 Apex Tongue & groove Wooden Cabin

(Image credit: B&Q)
Shire Cannock 12x8 Apex Tongue & groove Wooden Cabin | £1,707 on B&Q

Shire Cannock 12x8 Apex Tongue & groove Wooden Cabin | £1,707 on B&Q

This cabin can be self built at home by two people; all necessary fixings and instructions are provided. B&Q do recommend that it's placed in an area that is level, solid, and dry, preferably reinforced with concrete.  

We can't stop admiring the Shire Cannock wooden cabin from B&Q: what a beautiful garden room. A cabin it may be, but it surely will help prevent cabin fever from being stuck at home for weeks? We like the fact that it has draught-sealed windows and doors to keep you warm and dry on chilly days, but the fully opening window provides plenty of ventilation during the summer months. The garden room has pressure treated floor bearers, which prevents contact the ground and rot. 

And did we mention the great quality of the wood, to be finished as you desire? A great garden room, for just £1,707, available from B&Q. Home working, sorted (or use it as extra storage space, if you like). 

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