Clocks go back: here's 5 ways to cope with the change

It's the end of British Summer Time when the clocks go back, but this does not mean it's the end of good night's sleep

Tired woman on mattress as clocks go back
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Out of sync as the clocks go back? We're with you on that. The clocks went back last night at 2am (Sunday 25 October) which sadly marks the end of British Summer Time (BST). For our friends across the pond, daylight saving time ends one week after us at 2am Sunday 1 November who will also be put back an hour – although this does mean an extra hour in bed, yay!

From Sunday, it will be lighter in the morning and darker in the evenings. Those of us who hate getting up in the dark will rejoice – albeit temporarily, since the dark mornings will catch up with us again by mid-December. But the downside of that is, of course, that it will get dark much earlier in the evening. Whether we like it or not, the clock change will affect us adults, especially young children who struggle to sleep anyway.

To help, we've come up with five ways on how you can cope with the change along with some products which could helping falling asleep and waking up that little bit easier through the transition.

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Jennifer Oksien
Jennifer Oksien

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