Christina Haack reveals houseplant home staging trick to elevate your space

The HGTV star has shared a tip for staging your home, and it's all about mixing real with faux

houseplants arranged on kitchen shelving and kitchen island
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We're always on the lookout for easy and affordable ways to make our homes feel that bit more special, characterful and curated. HGTV's Christina Haack has just revealed a houseplant home staging tip that does just that. 

Whether you're selling your house or just want to take your home decor up a level, the Flip or Flop co-star and host of Christina on the Coast says she always uses a mixture of fake and real houseplants.

houseplants arranged in glass cabinet in home

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Christina Haack's houseplant home staging trick

'A little trick that I like to do, especially when staging houses, is to mix real plants with fake,' said Christina Haack in a clip on Amazon Live. 'That way, when you do have some real ones – it’s so nice in general to have real plants throughout the house, but they are very hard to keep alive,' says Christina Haack.

'If you wandered around my home you would see that we have a lot of real mixed with fake. I like to do a big assortment on the kitchen island that has a big large clear vase with a bunch of fake accent flowers,' she says. 

The real estate investor and TV personality goes on to say that the good thing about using the best artificial plants is that you never have to change them out and they do look very real. 'But, real plants are amazing,' she adds.

houseplants arranged in bathroom with roll top bath

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Let's be honest, caring for houseplants isn't always easy, and it's often a case of trial and error. So having some faux greenery in the mix will mean you can always enjoy a verdant display even if some of your real plants aren't absolutely thriving.

Sarah and April from Motel Makeover on Netflix have also said they love decorating with faux plants as a way to bring texture and life into a space. Obviously they're great for brightening up a windowless bathroom and while we'd always prefer to have the real deal, fake plants also bring the outdoors in and make a space feel more calming.

houseplants arranged in home

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Our pick of the best indoor plants are great for beginners and experienced indoor gardeners alike. We love grouping lots together to make a mini jungle with different shapes and heights, and these days faux plants look so convincing no one would ever spot a few fake plants in the mix.

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