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Not ready to be a plant parent? Artificial greenery offers a beautiful and realistic alternative to living plants, especially if you don't have a green thumb.

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Picking out the right design elements for your home can be difficult, no matter what time of year it is. During the holidays when you have friends and family over, adding a bit of artificial greenery to your home can make it feel more open and inviting. Artificial greenery also doesn't require the same kind of upkeep as a living plant, but still looks gorgeous in photos. Whether you’re looking for some low-maintenance faux ferns or a tableful of pseudo succulents, there are plenty of plant options. Here are some top picks to help you transform your home into a plant paradise.

Staff favorite

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Nearly Natural golden cane palm silk tree

A near-natural majestic palm tree

If you only have the money or space for one statement plant in your home, this is the one you want. It’s super realistic-looking and stands a whopping 6.5 feet tall in a sturdy plastic pot. With multiple trunks and lots of soft, silky fronds, this palm tree is perfect for adding a lush green or coastal feel to any space. The only care this palm tree needs is an occasional wipe down with a soft cloth to keep dust at bay. Consider changing up the plant’s pot for a more festive feel.

Best hanging plant

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DearHouse 12 strands of artificial ivy

Elegant ivy without the hassle

Ivy is the quintessential greenery for gardens. It’s elegant and blends in with other florals, but who wants to go through the trouble of trying to grow the plant? Artificial ivy gives you all the beauty of the real plant without the mess and stress. This particular English ivy looks very realistic and makes a great backdrop for special events. It’s a popular choice for wedding decor but works just as well in your home or garden. Use it to cover an unsightly wall outdoors or wrap it around banisters or cabinets, and you will be happy with the results.

Best miniature plants

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Veryhome artificial succulents

Ideal for desktops and floating shelves

These little potted faux plants mimic real succulents to the tee but are safer and easy to manage. You can place them on your desk, floating shelf, or any windowsill around the house for a natural touch. Each plant sits in cute a pot made from plastic or ceramic.

Floral greenery

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CQURE artificial flowers greenery

Life-like artificial flowers

If you’re looking for a pop of color in your home, this bunch of pretty purple flowers certainly brings it. This artificial plant comes in a wide range of colors with a hint of green, so you can mix and match to suit your decor. It can go into a small container to mimic the look of a perfectly sculpted shrub or directly into your flower garden. The plant is also UV resistant, so you can sit it in a sunny corner or even outdoors, and you won’t have to worry about it fading. It’s perfect for brightening up any space in your home with minimal effort.

Best faux succulents

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My Gift mixed color artificial succulent plant arrangement

All your succulents in a stylish and tidy tray

If you love the idea of keeping succulents but hate the hassle of caring for them, then this is perfect for you. Several adorable, small, artificial plants are arranged in a simple grey tray to create an elegant decorative piece. This 16-inch planter is ideal for your home office, kitchen, or anywhere you want a pop of green. Moreover, if you have pets or small children, this is a great safe alternative to real succulents, which can be toxic and thorny.

Great for vases

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VGIA 6-piece artificial eucalyptus stem set

Keep the green all year long

Silver dollar eucalyptus is extremely popular as far as artificial greenery goes. It may have something to do with how the simple but elegant plant looks in containers. It makes a great base for floral designs and even looks good on its own. This particular artificial eucalyptus looks very realistic. The leaves vary slightly in size, just like the real thing. You can stick the whole bunch straight into a vase for an instant update to your dining room table. It’s a great versatile piece of greenery you’ll find plenty of uses for.

Go green with artificial greenery

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Artificial greenery has really evolved over the years. Even those with a green thumb sometimes find it hard to tell fake from real plants. If you have sufficient space to spare, the majestic Nearly Natural golden cane palm silk tree has all it takes to recreate a refreshing coastal environment. The palm tree is super silky and looks nothing like a faux plant.

If you’re worried about children or pets destroying your plants, then artificial ones are a great alternative. The My Gift mixed color artificial succulent plant arrangement makes an excellent choice for spaces frequented by babies and pets. You get to enjoy the sight of succulents without the danger and hassle of living ones

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