Can't sleep? Real Homes' favourite pillow spray is on sale – and it REALLY works

If you're struggling to sleep, let This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray be your salvation – now with 20% off

Woman sleeping under duvet
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When we can't sleep, when we're tossing and turning – or know we will be come bedtime – we use This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (and we want you to know about it). 

This best selling, fast-action pillow spray is designed to calm the mind come bedtime, ensuring we unwind effectively for a good night's sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. And it works – for us, at least (most of the team have used it regularly and we're big fans).

So, how does it work? Making use of the therapeutic effects of lavender, vetivert and camomile, this spray eases anxiety and helps you drift off to sleep. Aside from the effects of the active ingredients, it is also useful in helping establish an evening routine, which is effective in aiding sleep.

So, when we spotted the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray with 20% off at Amazon, we couldn't think of a better time to share its positive effects with you. Retailing for just £15.60, down from its usual £19.50, there's never been a better time to give this famous pillow spray a go. And if you're really struggling to sleep, we don't think it's a bad price to pay for a helping hand.

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