Can't sleep? Invest in a colour-changing smart bulb – this one has 23% off today

Well haven't we found a smart bulb deal and a half! This one from LIFX can be customised by colour AND it's dimmable so you're going to get your eight hours in no problem

LIFX Mini (E27) Wi-Fi Smart Bulb
(Image credit: LIFX)

Looking to buy a smart bulb? This smart product is a game-changer – you'll soon wonder how you ever survived without one. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, find it hard to stay asleep or are the complete opposite and can't get up in the morning, a smart bulb is well worth the investment. Oh, and what do we have here? A smart bulb deal? What better timing – there's 23 per cent off one of the best smart bulbs around today. We've tried and tested it and can report back good things...

Why buy a smart light bulb?
It's no secret that lighting can have many positive effects on both mood and general wellbeing – red light can help release melatonin to aid sleep, purple light is seen to be more peaceful, orange can help increase brain activity to help you concentrate and yellow light is known as the depression killer. Blue light has been said to help treat migraines, too, and it's apparently the world's favourite colour. Who knew?

A smart lightbulb isn't just for those who have sleeping problems – if you want a dimmable light but don't want to start faffing with your electrics, a smart bulb is the way to go. And then there's the obvious fact that you won't have to get up from your bed to turn the light off at night. That being said, if you're someone who constantly presses snooze, you can time your lightbulb to turn on at the time your alarm goes off, making it pretty hard for you to oversleep. And if you struggle to fall asleep every night and find yourself counting thousands of sheep, turn your smart bulb to red half an hour before bedtime, or start dimming it a few hours beforehand. The LIFX lightbulb also has other features to simulate sunrise and sunset, and there's strobe option in there for our party-loving readers.

Back to the deal: we've spotted a lovely 23 per cent off this LIFX lightbulb for today. Keep scrolling to shop the offer.

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LIFX Mini (E27) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb | Was £44.99, now £34.58 at Amazon
Just like you, were once upon a time smart bulb virgins, too, and after being introduced to the LIFX Mini, we've never looked back. Is there anything worse than being tucked up in bed, all cosy and then realising you need to get up out of your warm duvet and turn off your bedroom light? We think not. This LIFX smart bulb connects with your smartphone and it can be controlled by Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit devices, too. Yep, your neighbors will think you're really cool shouting at Alexa at 6:30am on a Monday to turn on your bedroom light. The best thing about the LIFX lighting range is that there's no hub needed – simply just download the LIFX app, connect your bulb to it and you're ready to go. View Deal