You can get an Aldi home security system for less than £50

Aldi have you covered this winter with some seriously affordable home security solutions

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Okay, so you get it by now, we're just a little bit obsessed with Aldi. Yes, their infamous middle aisle can certainly be a little hit and miss, but when the offerings are good, they tend to be really good. And guess what? This weekend they're really, really good.

Available from today (Sunday 6th October) just before winter really sets in – and crime rates creep up (sorry to bearers of bad news) – these Special Buys are just what you need to protect your home, and your family from the risk of intruders. Offerings include security cameras, motion detectors and floodlights, all of which are super easy to install and will instantly enhance your home security set-up.

All of our top picks are currently retailing at less than £20 each, meaning it's more than possible to build a pretty comprehensive home security system for less than £50. Plus, there's free standard delivery when you spend £20. Bargain? We think so...

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1. A home security camera for £19.99

Aldi home security camera

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If you're looking to build a really comprehensive home security system, a security camera should probably be your first purchase. Retailing at just £19.99, the Colour Surveillance Camera from Aldi offers users peace of mind, day and night.

Super easy to install, weather resistant and with night vision for up to 20m, this security camera will not only enable you to supply the police with footage should a crime occur, but will act as a deterrent for onlookers with bad intentions. 

In fact, we recently wrote about the police are handing out video doorbells as a crime deterrent. Why not apply the same principles to your home, with a camera that costs less than £20?

2. A motion-sensitive floodlight, £8.99

Aldi home security special buy

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Building on the idea that prevention is better than cure, our next recommendation is a flood light that turns on when motion is detected. A pretty simple idea, the 10W LED Floodlight with PIR could be the difference between a criminal thinking about breaking into your car and actually doing it. Plus, it's just £8.99.

3. A motion detector stick on light, £4.99

Aldi home security special buy motion detector

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Another security measure that's affordable – and super easy to install – is a motion detector. Whether outside your front door, inside your garage or in the shed, they may be the deterrent you need to dissuade criminal opportunists from venturing any closer to your home or possessions. 

The 15 SMD LED Motion Sensor Light costs just £4.99 and can are attached to any surface using hooks or magnets, depending on the surface. 

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