Best outdoor flood lights: 5 security lights for your garden

Whether for security or statement lighting, the best outdoor flood lights can do a lot for your perimeter

The best outdoor flood lights

In the market for the best outdoor flood light? Aside from making your back garden feel like the set of Friday Night Lights, there’s a lot an outdoor flood light can do: deter would-be criminals, gently startle foxes and cats looking to have at your bins, and help you find your way around the garden or front yard on dark evenings. But which one is right for your property? 

Rethinking your garden lighting and want a practical solution? Start with our selection of the best outdoor flood lights. 

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What is the best outdoor flood light you can buy?

The best flood light you can buy is the Auraglow 50W LED PIR Sensor Security Light. It's energy efficient, has a motion sensor and is even an ideal option for larger gardens, too. Read our full review below.

Not got time to read the whole guide? We've listed our top three outdoor flood lights below, along with their cheapest prices. 

What to consider when buying outdoor flood lights

The best flood light for you depends heavily on what your priority is, so we’ve listed the power consumption, the lumens, and whether or not each model has a motion sensor to help you decide – there’s a surprising amount of variety out there.

If you’re looking to save some money on your utilities, something like the super-energy-efficient Steinel XLED Home 1 Floodlight, which only uses 14.8W of power, should serve you well. However, as we said above, the best bet all round looks to be the Auraglow 50W LED PIR Sensor Security Light. The name might not be the catchiest, but reviewers say it’s much easier to set up than it is to say, and they loved the combination of power and customisation it offers. 

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Best all round flood light: Auraglow 50W LED PIR Sensor Security Light

1. Auraglow 50W LED PIR Sensor Security Light

Best all round flood light: a money-saving security light for peace of mind all round, this is our pick of the best outdoor flood light you can buy

Best for: Large gardens
Power consumption: 50W
Lumens: 3,800
Motion sensor?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Very energy efficient + Adjustable PIR sensor range 

This super bright security light is said to give off the equivalent of 300W for just 50W of power consumption, so in energy terms, you get a lot of brightness for your buck. With 3,800 lumens, it’s the second brightest option on our list, and with a cited 50,000 hours of life and 85 per cent saving when the should-I-have-switched utilities bill comes through, it’s a great all-round option. The adjustable PIR (that’s passive infrared) sensor range allows you to choose how sensitive the light is to nearby movement, or you can simply pop it on continuous mode for all-night brightness and peace of mind. As well as being our pick of the best outdoor flood light, this is also one of the best security lights you can buy.

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Best eco-friendly flood light: Steinel XLED Home 1 Floodlight

2. Steinel XLED Home 1 Floodlight

Best eco-friendly flood light: this economical flood light knows how to keep its cool

Best for: Patios
Power consumption: 14.8W
Lumens: 920
Motion sensor?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Uses very little power + Patented protection against overheating 

Consuming just 14.8W of power, this Steinel XLED floodlight is far and away the least demanding option on our list, and still manages to put out 150W of halogen light. Steinel’s own patented Active Thermo Control system keeps the light from overheating from its efforts even when left on all night, but if you’d rather not have it going continuously, there are lots of options for tailoring. Hardware-wise, you can turn the lamp 180° and tilt it 120° to create the perfect angle on patios and pathways, and the time and twilight thresholds can be edited to exacting standards. The best outdoor flood light for patios, we think.

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Best security light: Ring Floodlight Cam

3. Ring Floodlight Cam

Best security light: lights and camera to catch all the action, this is the best outdoor flood light for those after the full works

Best for: Alternative
Power consumption: 240V
Lumens: 3,000
Motion sensor?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Video security system, alarm and light in one + Control using the app 

Not merely a floodlight, and not just a video security system either: if you’re looking for the full package, this Ring Floodlight Cam might just be it. This setup combines the functionality of the Ring smart doorbell, which gives you a live feed from your front door, with two ultra-bright LED floodlights and a siren alarm, allowing you to see, hear and speak to welcome visitors from your device, and see off the unwanted ones when necessary. Using the Ring app, you can get instant alerts from the motion sensor, set up the lights, zoom in, or even sound the alarm remotely. For those concerned about intruders, this is also one of the best security lights you can buy.

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Best for value: Lightaurora 15W LED Floodlight

4. Lightaurora 15W LED Floodlight

Best for value: shine a light on your best garden features

Best for: Adjustable colour temperature
Power consumption: 15W
Lumens: 1,200
Motion sensor?: No
Reasons to buy
+ Adjustable RGB colour and temperature + Great value 

This Lightaurora floodlight is the only option on our list that doesn’t come equipped with a motion sensor, but while that means it might not be the best as a security light, it’s our best of the bunch for feature lighting and spotlighting in the great outdoors. Want to give your pathway or porch more kerb appeal at night? Add more ambience to the garden when the party goes on into the wee small hours? Draw attention to your favourite trees and statuary? This RGB LED floodlight is the way to do it, with multiple colour settings and warmth options that make it that bit more welcoming than the average LED flood light. We think it's the best outdoor flood light for those after something a little different to jazz up their garden.

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Best for versatility: LE 30W LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

5. LE 30W LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Best for versatility: adjust everything for a tailored security lighting solution with this best outdoor flood light

Best for: Saving money
Power consumption: 30W
Lumens: 2,100
Motion sensor?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Lots of options for adjustment + Long lifespan 

Another superbly adjustable option, this LightingEver light lets you adjust the PIR sensitivity, illumination time after motion detection, and light sensor sensitivity, so again, it’s a good option for those who want to up their security settings to outfox would-be intruders while on holiday. This 30W option isn’t quite as powerful as our previous pick, hence the slightly smaller price tag, but it is available in a choice of 10 or 50W too, should that be a deal-breaker. The long cited lifespan of 50,000 hours and IP65 water-resistant rating make it a low-maintenance option, and the ability to mount vertically or horizontally is a nice inclusion also. As well as being one of the best outdoor flood lights, it makes a great security light, too.

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