Best security lights: these flood lights are just what you need to enhance your home security

Invest in the best security lights to deter criminals and enhance your home security

the best security lights: ring alarm
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Investing in the best security lights is a great first step if you're looking to enhance your home security set-up. Despite being super affordable and easy to install, security lights are surprisingly effective at deterring criminal activity. A perfect solution for those who are concerned about home security but don't want to commit to cameras and alarms.

Our top rated flood lights are also a great option if you're on the hunt for practical outdoor lighting solutions, whether that be illuminating your garden or making the journey from the car to the front door a little safer. 

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What are the best security lights?

The best security light is the Auraglow Sensor Security Light. Energy efficient and with an adjustable motion detector, it's designed to suit a variety of needs. In fact, it's so adaptable that we think it'll suit large gardens as much as it will small. We're big fans of the Ring Floodlight Cam, too, which comes with an integral security camera. It's the perfect buy if you're thinking of buying a Ring video doorbell, too.

Browse our complete list of the best security lights, below. Then, keep scrolling for full product reviews.

  • The best outdoor flood light: Auraglow Sensor Security Light
  • The best security light: Ring Floodlight Cam
  • The best outdoor flood light for value: Lightaurora LED Floodlight
  • The best outdoor floodlight for versatility: LE Motion Sensor Floodlight

The best security lights

the best security lights: Auraglow Sensor Security Light

(Image credit: Auraglow)

1. Auraglow Sensor Security Light

Our top rated security light, this model is energy efficient and sure to enhance your home security

Best for: Large gardens
Power consumption: 50W
Lumens: 3,800
Motion sensor?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Very energy efficient + Adjustable PIR sensor range 
Reasons to avoid
-Cannot control the length of time the light comes on for

The best security light is the Auraglow Sensor Security Light. We think it's a great option for small and large gardens, here's everything you need to know about it:

Impressive brightness

This super bright security light is said to give off the equivalent of 300W for just 50W of power consumption, so in energy terms, you get a lot of brightness for your buck. And, with 3,800 lumens, it’s the second brightest option on our list, 

Long battery life

With an impressive 50,000 hours of life, this outdoor flood light won't need replacing any time soon. 

Adjustable PIR

The adjustable PIR (that’s passive infrared) sensor range allows you to choose how sensitive the light is to nearby movement, or you can simply pop it on continuous mode for all-night brightness and peace of mind. As well as being our pick of the best outdoor flood light, this is also one of the best security lights you can buy.

the best security light: ring floodlight cam

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2. Ring Floodlight Cam

Best security lights with camera

Best for: Alternative
Power consumption: 240V
Lumens: 3,000
Motion sensor?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Video security system, alarm and light in one + Control using the app 
Reasons to avoid
-Comes with cameras, which may not be for everyone

Looking to build a more comprehensive smart security system? The Ring Floodlight Cam might be just what you've been looking for. Here's everything you need to know:

Build a wider smart security system

Perfect for those looking to use more than just flood lights to enhance their home security, the Ring Floodlight Cam comes complete with two lights and a handy smart security camera. This will allow you to keep a closer eye on your home, from any location.

Monitor your home from any location

Want to keep an eye on your home while you're away from home? Syncing your Ring Floodlight Cam to the Ring app means it's possible to receive instant alerts from the motion sensor, should it detect anything untoward.

Control your flood lights remotely, too

It's also possible to control your lights, change the perspective of your cameras, or even sound the alarm remotely, using the Ring app. For those concerned about intruders, this is also one of the best security lights you can buy.

Communicate through your smart security camera

Spot something untoward? It's also possible to communicate with people via your smart security camera. While we'd be wary about doing so if you're inside your home, we see no harm in seeking to further deter criminal activity from your sun bed.

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the best security light: Lightaurora Floodlight

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3. Lightaurora Floodlight

This super hand security light offers impressive value for money

Best for: Adjustable colour temperature
Power consumption: 15W
Lumens: 1,200
Motion sensor?: No
Reasons to buy
+ Adjustable RGB colour and temperature + Great value 
Reasons to avoid
-No motion detector

Next up in our list of the best security lights is the Lightaurora Floodlight. With no built in motion detectors, it's definitely designed with garden lighting, rather than security in mind. But it's still a great light in its own right. Here's everything you need to know:

Great for feature and spotlighting

The Lightaurora Floodlight is the only option on our list that doesn’t come equipped with a motion sensor, but while that means it might not be the best as a security light, it’s our best of the bunch for feature lighting and spotlighting in the great outdoors. 

Choose from a wide range of coloured lights

Want to give your pathway or porch more kerb appeal at night? Add more ambience to the garden when the party goes on into the wee small hours? Draw attention to your favourite trees and statuary? 

This RGB LED floodlight is the way to do it, with multiple colour settings and warmth options that make it that bit more welcoming than the average LED flood light. We think it's the best outdoor flood light for those after something a little different to jazz up their garden.

the best security lights: LE 30W LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

4. LE 30W LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

This super versatile flood light makes it possible to completely customise your security set up

Best for: Saving money
Power consumption: 30W
Lumens: 2,100
Motion sensor?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Lots of options for adjustment + Long lifespan 

Another superbly adjustable option, the LE Motion Sensor Floodlight has plenty to offer. Here's everything you need to know:

Adjust lighting to suit your requirements

Adjust PIR sensitivity, illumination time after motion detection, and light sensor sensitivity, with ease. Perfect for those looking for outdoor flood lights to enhance their home security set-up.

Respectable brightness

This 30W option isn’t quite as powerful as our previous pick, hence the slightly smaller price tag, but it is available in a choice of 10 or 50W too, should that be a deal-breaker. 

Low maintenance option

The long cited lifespan of 50,000 hours and IP65 water-resistant rating make it a low-maintenance option, and the ability to mount vertically or horizontally is a nice inclusion also. As well as being one of the best outdoor flood lights, it makes a great security light, too.

How to buy the best security lights

Looking for more easy home security solutions

When it comes to buying the best security lights to suit your requirements, there are a few factors worth considering. These include:

What do you intend on using your flood lights for?

The best flood lights for you will be dictated, primarily, by your requirements. Are you looking to enhance your home security? Or just illuminate your garden.

If it's the former, you'll need an option with motion detection. And perhaps even accompanying security cameras. The latter? Motion detection isn't such a priority.


You'll need to opt for outdoor flood lights that are bright enough to successfully illuminate your garden. If you're working with a small outdoor space, a small measure of lumens should suit you just fine. However, for larger spaces you'll need to think carefully about what kind of power is required to do the job effectively.

Adjustable functions

It's also worth thinking about whether you anticipate needing to adjust the functionality of your outdoor flood lights. This could mean anything from adjusting the intensity of your motion detectors, to changing the hue of your outdoor lighting, depending on your requirements.

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