After cheap broadband? Here's how to cut broadband costs in 5 easy steps

Want cheap broadband? Still paying lots for slow broadband? Here's how to cut your broadband costs while getting the best connection speeds

Cheap Broadband
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With all of us at home, finding a good cheap broadband deal is a must at the moment. So if you're still paying a lot for slow internet, read on. For many of us, broadband costs can be high – as much as £40 or even £50 a month for broadband that just doesn't deliver on speed. The fact is that not many of us know how to find the best broadband deals for our needs, often ending up with a broadband provider simply because it's the one we've used before, or because it was the one that was already available at the property we've moved into. 

1. Switch

The fact is, we should be approaching broadband contracts in exactly the same way we approach energy contracts: if you think you're paying too much, it's time to consider switching. 

2. Are you paying for more than you need?

The next step to ensuring your broadband is as cheap as possible is to always look carefully at your broadband bill and to read it properly, so that you understand exactly what you're paying for every month. Many people unwittingly pay for extras they didn't know were included in their broadband packages. 

3. Are you paying for the right speed? 

Are you paying for high speeds you don't actually need? This is very important: think about your internet usage needs and work out the speed you need from there. If you mainly use your internet to check emails, you don't need super-fast broadband – a standard speed of 11mb per second is sufficient, and broadband packages at this speed come as cheaply as £17 a month. 

If you do use the internet heavily for gaming or streaming, with multiple people using it at the same time, it's time to find the best broadband provider who will offer super fast broadband as standard – not as an expensive add-on. Use our expert guide to find out if you have the broadband speed you need. You can also take this quick free test to see what your broadband speed is now.

4. Is a broadband provider switch possible now?

An important thing to be aware of right now is that you will need to look for a provider who will do a switch for you without the need for having a new cable installed at your property. Most providers will be unable to do this at the moment due to the Covid-19 lockdown – but that doesn't mean you can't have a conversation now, while you're stuck at home, to get installation lined up for when we return to (something like) business as usual. 

5. Compare broadband deals

You can do this with our comparison tool below. Then you can start a conversation with your current provider to see about negotiating a better broadband deal with them. Consult our guide to how to compare broadband deals for more tips.


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