A smart mirror is the next big thing... here are just five things you didn't know they could do

We're predicting the smart mirror will be the next smart home essential... Trying out new looks, checking your diary while brushing your teeth... here are the reasons why you need one

smart mirror
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There's something about a smart mirror that seems super futuristic. But far from being the subject of an episode of Black Mirror, it's actually an increasingly common addition to modern homes. In fact, there are more smart mirrors available to buy than you might think. 

We've only recently discovered them so we bet you're thinking, 'What the heck?!' (well, that was our reaction, anyway). So, what can they actually do? And are they something you'd want to buy?

In brief, a smart mirror can offer a variety of services (other than just reflecting your face), from personal training and styling advice ('your morning hair looks mad' springs to mind) to diary updates, weather forecasting and more. To navigate you through the smart home maze, we've shared some of our favourite smart mirror functions for you to browse below. 

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Celebrating National Smart Home Month

It's National Smart Home Month and we're doing everything we can to cut through the jargon and leave our readers feeling excited and informed when it comes to all things smart home tech.

1. Smart mirrors let you try out different looks

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Smart mirror by Coty

(Image credit: Coty)

Ever wondered what you'd look like with a fringe? Or whether blondes really do have more fun? Or whether red lipstick is really your shade? It's now possible to try out a look before committing to a (potentially regrettable) change.

Coty recently revealed their first AR enabled smart mirror (below), which is designed to help you visualise how make up or a new hairstyle might look before you spend or any scissors/hair dye are picked up. While the technology is currently only available in salons, we don't doubt it won't be long before it's accessible in the home, too.

2. Receive daily updates while you brush your teeth

Always on the go? Employ a smart mirror as the personal assistant you wish you had and receive email, news and weather updates while you brush your teeth. 

3. Check how your make up will look throughout the day

Smart mirror

(Image credit: simplehuman at John Lewis)

Want to know how your make up will look throughout the day? There's an app for that. Well, actually it's a smart mirror, but you get where we're coming from.

The simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror connects seamlessly to your smart phone, making it super easy to adapt the colour and intensity of light and get a better idea of how your home might look throughout the day.

After all, we've all overdone the bronzer on a dark morning and stared at our reflections in horror later the same day.

4. Employ your smart mirror as a personal trainer

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Dream of a home gym? Or an in-house personal trainer? Yep, us too. If you're short on space – or funds – why not consider investing in a smart mirror that doubles up as a personal trainer, guiding you through tailored at-home work outs.

Well, that's exactly what Mirror have to offer. Whether you're into yoga, boxing, HIIT, or all of the above, this almost invisible smart mirror will allow you to live stream workout classes straight to your home, 24 hours of the day. Plus, you can build a personal fitness profile to optimise workouts for maximum results. Genius.

5. Receive personalised skincare advice

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Another one for the beauty lovers amongst us, HiMirror will analyse your skin to generate a personalised user profile before providing advice on the best products to enhance your skin. From there, it will track your skin progress, providing insight into which products work best for you.

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