Boilers you can control with your voice? They're a thing... and this is how

A collaboration between Google and Boxt means you can have a 'smart' boiler in your home

Boxt boilers
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You may remember that we reported on Boxt – the 24 hour boiler replacement service – a couple of weeks back. No? Don't worry, we've recapped the basics, below. 

We've since discovered that in addition to guaranteeing boiler replacement in less than 24 hours, a collaboration between Boxt and Google means that customers will receive a free Google Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Home Mini with every installation. This will give standard boilers smart capabilities, and homeowners the option to control their boiler with their voice. We're intrigued...

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Celebrating National Smart Home Month

It's National Smart Home Month and we're doing everything we can to cut through the jargon and leave our readers feeling excited and informed when it comes to all things smart home tech.

As if guaranteed installation with 24 hours wasn't enough, a recent collaboration between Boxt and Google means it's now possible to control your boiler using your voice. Here's everything you need to know:

What is a smart boiler?

For a boiler to be considered smart, it myst be synced with a smart phone, tablet, or another smart enabled device. This often requires the assistance of a third party smart assistant. In this case, Google Assistant. 

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Boxt smart boilers

Every boiler installed with Boxt is currently available with a free Google Nest Learning Thermostat – which allows users to control their heating from any location, as well as setting schedules and discovering super easy ways to reduce energy usage – and a Google Home Mini which enables voice control. When everything is set up, all you'll have to say is 'OK, Google', followed by your command, for complete control over your heating system. 

You can learn more about the Google Nest Learning Thermostat in our guide to the best smart thermostats (hint: it's our top pick). 

Who are Boxt?

Boxt smart boiler app

(Image credit: Boxt)

Despite having only launched in 2017, Boxt has already earned its place as the UK's second largest boiler installer, as well as having the highest rated smart home installation service in the UK. Pretty impressive credentials, we think you'd agree. But how does the service work?

Well, it might be easiest to think of Boxt as the Uber of the boiler installation world. You start by downloading the Boxt app, where a selection of super simple questions are used to determine exactly what it is you require. From there, you are connected with a Boxt approved boiler installer, based in your local area, who guarantees installation within 24 hours.

By offering a unique real time price and booking service that bypasses the (often lengthy) process of acquiring quote, Boxt prioritise the customer. In a bid to enhance customer safety, they also promises to provide full installer profiles prior to their arrival.

Speaking about the thinking behind Boxt, co-founder Andy Kerr says, 'The home installation (sector) is ripe for disruption and we want Boxt to be the first choice for customers who want to install heating, cooling or any smart technology in their home. We’ve developed our platform to ensure that the process for customers  is easy, transparent and always good value – and with no hidden costs or antiquated sales techniques.'

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