7 celebrities obsessed with organization ideas – from Kim Kardashian to Oprah

Steal organization ideas from your favorite celeb with these neat and tidy Instagrams.

Organization ideas
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Typically, we turn to celebrities for fashion, fitness, and beauty inspiration. But right now, we're having a major revelation thanks to A-list organization ideas. 

Stars have been on the tidy train long before neatly labeled containers started trending on Instagram. With the help of some professional organizers (like The Home Edit) as well as custom-built closets, pantries and playrooms, celebrity homes are immaculately organized. Don't believe us? We'll let these celeb Instagram posts do the talking. 

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Reese Witherspoon's open shelving

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Glass cabinetry? That kind of display calls for a perfectly organized kitchen. The key to pulling it off like Reese is to invest in matching dinnerware sets. Note how all of the actress's dishes are a clean white. 

To rock open shelving without looking messy, you'll need to either donate mismatched, sentimental items (like plastic cups from last year's 5K race) or stash them in lower, covered, cabinets. 

Mindy Kaling's playroom

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The Home Edit's business was born on social media thanks to Nashville duo Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. The company's satisfyingly organized, color-coordinated Instagram posts garnered quite the following (just shy of 2 million followers on the platform, to be exact). Flash-forward to today, and The Home Edit is streamlining homes for celebrities and everyday homeowners alike across the country. They also have a new show on Netflix: Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Recently, the LA team took over Mindy Kaling's home to reimagine her daughter's playroom. Here, a colorful collection of art supplies are sorted by hue, and toys are organized by type. Larger items go in labeled baskets, and small, loose pieces are relegated to see-through bins for easy selection. The icing on the cake? An adorably color-coordinated rainbow bookshelf. 

Oprah's color-coded closet

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A photo posted by on on Jun 14, 2019 at 9:28am PDT

Oprah admits to disliking packing, but thankfully her super-organized closet makes the task as easy as possible. Preparing for a trip to Canada last summer, we got a glimpse into O's closet. Note the organization by type and color — camel trenches and sweaters, more colorful pant suits, and basic blouses. We can also get a peek at her handbag collection, smartly stashed above her clothing and sorted by color. Plus, note divided containers for glasses and accessories and extra hooks for ready-to-wear items. 

James Charles' perfect pantry

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RíOrganize founder Ría Safford confesses to being messy by nature. But when the California native became a mom of three, she realized that implementing a few creative organization ideas could offer some serious stress relief. So she decided to start her own business to help others do the same.

Recently Safford took over the pantry of James Charles Dickinson (internet personality, Youtube star, makeup artist and Covergirl ambassador). Using organizers from iDesign, Safford streamlined Charles' pantry. Tall clear containers hold cereal, pasta, and rice on the top shelf. Below, snacks, teas, and other grains are sorted in small clear containers and divided shelves. Lazy Susans stash condiments, sauces, and nut butters. 

On the bottom shelf, larger plastic containers and clear bins hold chips and other snacks, sorted by type  and brand. Canned goods go at the top on small plastic risers to be able to see each row. 

Jessie James Decker's shoe closet

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With help, once again, from The Home Edit, organizers turned Jessie James Decker's shoe closet into a visual delight. Pairs were sorted by color, with a column of light neutrals, a column of blacks and grays, and rainbow brights sorted by hue in the center. 

Another handy hack? Alternate shoes facing front and back to maximize space. 

Chrissy Teigen's pantry

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Even cookbook authors could use some help getting their pantry's in order. RíOrganize streamlined Chrissy Teigen's pantry with some genius hacks. 

On the top shelf, small clear containers hold grains and seeds, detonated by simple labels. Small plastic drawers hold teas, and there's a two-tired lazy Susan for supplements. Snacks and granola bars are stashed in simple teak dividers, and risers allow all of the star's jams to be on display. 

More lazy Susans hold hot sauces, oils, and other condiments, and clear containers offer a home for cereals and larger pastas. Yum!

Kim Kardashian's closet

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It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian would have a killer kloset (see what we did there?). As seen from selfie videos shot in her massive mirror, we can get a glimpse into the reality star's organization. Tops are sorted by length (cropped, long) and color. Metallics even have their own section. The most brilliant addition, in our opinion, is a large wrap-around sofa in the center. Since we all know lacing strappy sandals requires a place to sit. 

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