5 nursery color ideas that aren't pink or blue

These inspiring nursery color ideas are simple, stylish and perfect for creating a gender-neutral nursery

nursery color ideas
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Looking for nursery color ideas that aren't all about pink and blue? We hear you. If you love a pink color scheme however, go for it. If you want to paint all four walls baby blue, go for that too. When it comes to decorating your baby's nursery, you do you.

However, if you would like to create a gender-neutral space that's stylish and will stand the test of time (or until they are at least four and will then demand that they want their bedroom themed like *insert whatever cartoon is popular at the time*) we have rounded up five alternative nursery room colours...

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1. Pick warm neutral nursery colors

Nursery with faux fur accessories by Icon

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Soft browns and deep oranges are lovely nursery room colors because they create a kind of cocooning effect, making the room feel extra cozy. Keep the walls light and bright but add in soft furnishings in these warmer hues – these canopies are all over the nurseries of Instagram and a great way to add in some color. 

2. Add in mustard yellows 

Shoe designer Jacqueline has filled her renovated Edwardianhome with vintage furniture, art, plants and curios from Her travels

(Image credit: Jemma Watts)

What a gorgeous nursery! It's colorful and yet subtle at the same time. We love the mix of the pale peach with the pop of mustard and that wallpaper? So cute! This space feels suitably stylish and yet creative and fun too with the whimsical print and the balloons on the wall too. 

3. Paint the walls with a muted green 

kid's bedroom with fun house-shaped bed

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

This muted green is everywhere at the moment –and you know a color has reached new heights of popularity when it's being used in nurseries. This is also a great paint idea if you don't want the color to overwhelm the room, try just painting halfway up the walls. Add in other colors in the form of prints (maybe even create a gallery wall), pillows and decor to complete the look. 

4. Go for a rainbow nursery color scheme 

Child's room with red spotty wallpaper and a wall-hung desk

(Image credit: Megan Taylor)

This is such a happy room! Bright, primary colors seem to have fallen out of fashion in interiors but we think in a kid's room vibrant colors should be encouraged. Pinch this nursery color idea and use bookshelves to create a rainbow feature wall. Paint the shelves in rainbow hues and then color-code your child's book to sit on top of them. 

5. Inject a touch of cheery orange

Nursery painted with colours from Dulux

(Image credit: Dulux)

Here's that muted green again, this time paired with a vibrant terracotta toned orange. Orange is such a warm, sunny hue, perfect for a nursery and you don't have to add a lot either for it to have an impact. We love this look of the orange almost zoning the area around the crib making the corner even cozier. 

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