5 FAB ways removable wallpaper can transform all your rooms – fast

Removable wallpaper is a game changer and we have 5 gorgeous looks to prove it, plus some tips on where to buy the cutest designs

Removable wallpaper
(Image credit: Etsy)

Removable wallpaper, what genius thought of that idea, hey?  Well, whoever you are, we take our hats off to you because it is an absolute game-changer. Not only is it a fabulous way to cover up tired walls in a rented house, but it's also way easier to put up than normal wallpaper. It's versatile too, and we have rounded up some stylish looks to prove how it can work in every room.

So if you are looking for landlord-friendly ways to spruce up your space, or you are just still having reoccurring nightmares about the last time you tried to hang wallpaper then keep on scrolling...

1. Create a cosy feel to a living room with removable wallpaper

We love how in this living room, just the wall above the picture rail has been wallpapered. This is a great tip if you have fallen for a big, bold pattern and think across a whole wall it would just totally overwhelm the space. This gorgeous print is from Rocky Mountain Wall Decals; they are a Canadian company but sell on Etsy so you can get them shipped to the UK. 

2. Go (temporarily) bold in a bathroom 

Removable wallpaper in a bathroom

(Image credit: Wallpapers4beginners)

Oh how gorgeous and glam is this removable wallpaper? The great thing about peel and stick wallpaper is you can test out really bold prints, without worrying that you will have wasted loads of time and energy hanging it, only to realise it's not for you. 

This crane print is giving us Gucci vibes (yes, Gucci make wallpaper, and yes, it's gorgeous, and yes, it's extortionate), the lovely green colours and the Oriental style print are just so dreamy. It's by Wallpapers4beginners and is £38.65 a roll. 

3. Add some subtle colour to a bedroom 

We are seeing looks like this everywhere at the moment. It would seem everyone loves a little peach print, and we get it – these subtle, fruity prints are adorable! You will find similar prints on Etsy, but this stick on mural is from Wunder Wall– definitely check them out they have gorgeous designs. 

4. Use removable wallpaper in a kid's bedroom 

Wallpaper in a kid's bedroom

(Image credit: Etsy/CopyanPasteWallPaper)

Nawww, how cute is this wallpaper in a kid's bedroom? We love the subtle colours but the print is still fun and creative. This is from CopyanPasteWallPaper, which is again available on Etsy (basically just go to Etsy for removable wallpaper!).  They have loads of cute prints and they are all so affordable too. 

Check out our feature on wallpapers for children's rooms for more ideas. 

5. Hang removable wallpaper in your kitchen 

How lovely is @timberfields' kitchen? We love that the colours of the wallpaper are calming and muted but still add a nice wash of colour. Also you would only need one roll to do a small wall in your kitchen as most of the walls will have cabinets on anyway, so it's really cheap way of updating your room and adding some pattern.

This peel and stick wallpaper is from Wall Pops , they are a US site but can ship to the UK. For more kitchen wallpaper ideas, make sure you check out our feature. 

Where to buy the best removable wallpaper 

  • Etsy – in case you hadn't guessed this is our fave place to order removable wallpaper, so many lovely designs at great prices. 
  • Amazon – yep, Amazon make removable wallpaper, they aren't as many options as Etsy but still really cheap and an easy cheap update. 
  • Dunelm – find loads of self-adhesive wallpaper over on Dunelm, lovely patterns and prices start from just £24. 
  • Wayfair – so many wallpapers in murals to suit all styles on Wayfair so go and have a scroll. 

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