5 clever box room ideas – to turn your dumping ground into a haven

These box room ideas will turn that mini space into a real asset

Box room ideas
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Has lockdown forced you to look for box room ideas? Yup, our homes may feel smaller with everyone at home for so long, but thankfully, our creative ideas for making the most of every inch of our space are getting bigger. 

The box room is often the black sheep of the home, the lonely room that's always left until last because no one really knows what to do with it. Too small to be a decent bedroom, it's often stuffed with suitcases, a never-slept-in spare bed and a clothes rail of things you have't worn in years. The box room is all too often treated more like a dumping ground than a valuable space. 

Well, we're shaking up the rule book and giving our littlest rooms some love. Starting with question number one: what's your room's purpose? Whether you're a keen artist destined for great things, a professional who can't concentrate among your home's hustle and bustle, or a parent who wants to limit your kids mess, sorry, toys, to one area of your home, we've got the ideas and inspiration for you. 

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1. Turn a box room into a craft room

sewing room in Georgian home

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Whether you're a budding painter, fashion designer or ceramicist, give your hobby the space it deserves with a designated craft room. Position your desk next to the window for maximum natural light and adorn your walls with bits and pieces of your work for constant inspo. Up your storage to keep everything in order and you'll have your very own happy place that you'll never want to leave. And the best bit? You don't have to tidy it all away every time you need to eat dinner, what a delight. For a similar chair, try The French Bedroom Company

2. Create an office in your box room to make WFH work

box room ideas

(Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez)

The current climate has seen more of us working from home than ever before, so the demand for a designated workspace has never been greater. While a desk in your living area can work well, if you're looking at working from home long term (or if you've got noisy kids/partners/housemates idling around) a separate home office is the way forward. You can maximise space by using a cork board (check out how to make a cork board wall in our guide) for your entire wall like this, and keep your important or inspirational documents in sight at all times. This one's made with Cobblestone Black cork wall tiles from Jelinek Cork. Choose a large desk and a brightly coloured chair for a practical and fun space. 

3. Treat yourself to a dedicated relaxing yoga room

yoga matt in a box room with a botanical wall mural

(Image credit: Murals Wallpaper)

Have you felt the benefits of yoga yet? While many of us have taken up new at-home fitness regimes, ensure you keep up your good habits as things return to a new normal by creating a dedicated fitness room. If yoga or pilates is you thing, go for a nature-inspired scheme for optimum calm. This beautiful Redouté wall mural from Mural Wallpaper has a pretty, muted palette which is just the ticket for a tranquil vibe. If you're more of a fast-paced tread mill or exercise bike kinda gal, choose bright and vibrant oranges and pinks to give you energy. Find out how to create a mural wall in our guide.

4. Escape the world with a cosy reading nook 

box room ideas

(Image credit: Jemma Watts)

Are you dreaming of the day you can have a little peace and quiet? Well that day can come sooner by transforming your box room into a cosy quiet space. Whether it's for reading, watching that film your family don't want to watch, or Zooming your friends with some sought-after privacy, a separate space to snuggle up for some well-deserved me time is always going to be a winner. A cosy sofa bed or sofa such as this one from  John Lewis & Partners, some shelves, these are by Faber Developing, and a TV are all you need. We bet there's many a family argument avoided thanks to this saviour of a room. 

5. Inspire your kids' imagination with a fun and colourful playroom

box room ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

And last but by no means least, turning your box room into a playroom can be a huge benefit to both your kids and to you.  A separate playroom lets them roam wild and free (well, a little more than they would on your beloved white living room rug, that is). They can play, sing and laugh to their heart's content, and you'll still be able to hear yourself think.* But the best bit? All their garish toys, overly large teddies and high-pitched musical games can be stored, in one room, and when guests visit, you can keep that door firmly closed. This Trofast storage unit and wall hung unit from Ikea are perfect for making the most of a smaller space. 

*We're making no promises 

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