12 Kitchen gifts for the home chef who has everything

Surprise your favorite cooking enthusiast with these extraordinary kitchen gifts

Kitchen Gifts from Our Table
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If you feel like your home chef has reached the point of having a more than the well-stocked kitchen, let's consider what may become their new cooking go-to, and may not have yet discovered. Gifting kitchen gifts can sometimes be tricky, you want it to be useful and not simply relegated to the highest out-of-reach cabinet or simply stuffed into the back. 

 Now, if a Le Creuset Dutch oven or the latest Instant Pot is what is on the top of their lists, we do encourage you to indulge them. But, if you're after something a little different, well we think the following gifts, er, the new kitchen essentials will take their cooking to the next level.

These 12 kitchen gifts span from unbelievably useful gift ideas to well a little indulgent that will suit anyone from the cooking novice to the pro chef. We know the most discerning chefs are picky about their cookware, but we're pretty sure these items will make the cut.

1.  Get them this must-have pot 

Our Place perfect pot

(Image credit: Our Place)

Perfect Pot | Was $165, now $125 at Our Place

Our latest obsession this holiday? The Our Place Perfect Pot, which serves as the best Dutch oven, stockpot, saucepot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser, and spoon rest. It also comes in a rainbow of trendy colors and features a non-toxic ceramic non-stick coating. And for the very first time ever, it's on sale!! Get it while it's still in stock. 

2. Achieve form and function with one gift

Golden Rabbit Garden Colander Gift Set

(Image credit: Golden Rabbit)

Golden Rabbit Garden Colander Gift Set | $49.99 at Amazon

If your foodie is constantly toting around fresh fruit and veggies from the farmers market, they're constantly washing their produce, so why not make the mundane activity slightly more pleasing with this charming enamelware colander gift set 

3. This eco-friendly gift set

Sustainable Kitchen Gift Set

(Image credit: Goldune)

Goldune Sustainable Kitchen Gift Set | $155 at Goldune

Encourage them to make sustainable choices in the kitchen with this complete gift set from new eco-friendly marketplace Goldune. It includes a 1 Recycled Non-Stick 8" Fry Pan from Frieling, Upcycled Kitchen Towels, an Upcycled Bib Apron, a Beeswax Wrap 5-Pack, and a Compostable Sponge Cloth Set. And it even comes with a Recycled & Compostable Gift Wrap, Gift Tag & Ribbon Kit for maximum convenience. Purchased separately, these items would cost nearly $200. 

4. This amazing space-saving baking set

Elbee Home 8-Piece Nonstick Aluminized Steel,

(Image credit: Elbee Home)

Elbee Home 8-Piece Nonstick Aluminized Steel, Space Saving Baking Set | $49.99 at Amazon

Help them reclaim valuable cabinet space with this space-saving baking set that includes a large roasting pan, 8 in. square cake tin, small oven tray, two muffin pans, two 8 in. round cake tins, and a large oven tray that all neatly nest together. 

5. Put this on your radar: steam cooking

Fotile Chefcubii oven

(Image credit: Fotile)

FOTILE Chefcubii 4-in-1 Countertop Convection Steam | $499 at Amazon

Steam cooking. have you tried it yet? You're about to see a lot more steam cooking devices out there, including the Fotile Chefcubii, a modern countertop oven that can Bake, steam, air fry, dehydrate. The benefits of steam cooking include that it's healthier, requires less time, keeps food moist, and has a reduced chance of burning. The Cheffcubii also has 40 different menu presets for easy, assisted cooking and tons of temperature control. 

6. This cult-favorite cutting board 

Material Reboard cutting board

(Image credit: Material)

Reboard | $35 at Material Kitchen

Material Kitchen's sustainably made cutting board is made entirely of kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. Plus it's built for daily use, dishwasher safe, and has a convenient hole for storing. It's also noteworthy for how chic it'll look in the kitchen, you most likely won't be tucking away this kitchen essential too often. 

7. Delight with the chance to make your own ice cream

Ninja Creami

(Image credit: Ninja)

Ninja Creami | Was $199, now $169.99 at Target

The only thing better than ice cream, is well making your own. The Ninja Creami lets you customize your favorite ice cream, sorbet, milkshakes and it's all pretty easy to make with seven 1-touch programs that adjust to speed, pressure, and time to create the perfect frozen treat.

OXO good grips cookie press

(Image credit: OXO)

OXO Good Grips® 13-Piece Cookie Press Set | $33.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

For the baker always looking to reinvent the cookie, gift this cookie press that includes 12 different shaped discs to make a variety of cookie designs. A convenient storage case ensures the extra parts won't go missing when not in use.  

9. Bring precision to their cooking

Meater plus smart meat thermometer

(Image credit: Meater)

MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer | $99.99 at Amazon

Never worry about overcooking (or undercooking) your meat again, with a wireless smart meat thermometer that connects to an app to guide you through cooking and the timing of your meal. 

10.  For when they already have a selection of cookbooks

Our Table cookbook stand

(Image credit: Our Table)

Our Table Wood and Metal Cookbook Holder | $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Our Table's cookbook holder is functional for displaying your favorite recipe from a cookbook for easy viewing, and it works just as well for propping up an iPad too. It stores flat when not in use, but it could also be left out all the time to display the latest cookbook she's flipping through. 

11. A garden for growing their own herbs

Aerogarden harvest

(Image credit: Aerogarden)

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden | $89.99 at Amazon

Let your chef practice their green thumb skills and cultivate their own herbs, right in their own kitchen, no expansive gardening plots necessary.

12. A toaster that looks like it should belong in a museum

Alessi Plisse toaster

(Image credit: Alessi)

Alessi Plisse Toaster | $110 at Perigold 

One look at this sculpturesque toaster, and suddenly, no other toaster can compare. The  Plisse toaster from Alessi, is made of thermoplastic resin to create it's pleated look and available in white, red, gray or black.  From a technical perspective, the toaster offers six browning levels and reheat, bagel, and a defrost setting.

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