The best ways to spend money on your bedroom – 5 items to invest in and 5 you can save on

Want to know where to spend and where to save in a bedroom? We can help you out.

Where to spend and where to save in a bedroom
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So you want to know where to spend and where to save in a bedroom? When it comes to redecorating a bedroom, or any room for that matter, you obviously aren't going to want to splurge on every item you put in the space (that would be the dream but isn't the reality for most of us). You want to spend your money on the stuff that matters, the things you are going to have for years and save on the stuff you know you will probably want to switch up as your tastes and trends change.

But what are the items that are worth investing in and what should you be buying on the cheap? Well, we asked the expert – interior designer Scarlett Blakey of Ophelia Blake Interior Design on how to plan your budget when decorating a bedroom...

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1. Spend on a bed

Rustic bedroom with wooden beams

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'A good quality, statement bed takes pride of place in the bedroom. You should invest in a good quality bed as it is the biggest feature of the room, and you want it to be functional, comfortable, and last you a long time.' says Scarlett founder of Ophelia Blake Interior Design.

You do spend almost half your life in your bed, so it makes sense to invest in something that looks beautiful, is going to last you potentially decades and is comfortable to sleep in too. Try and pick out a design that's going to age well, nothing too 'on trend', or if you do pick something more statement, just make sure it's a style you are going to love for the foreseeable future. 

2. Spend on a good quality mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

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And because what would be the point in splurging on an expensive bed only then to cover it in a not-so-great mattress. Investing in a mattress is not only going to provide you with a super comfy setup, but it will also help you sleep better and can prevent any aches and pains you might have in the mornings.

'A good quality mattress is also worth investing in, as this will make you want to come home and jump straight into bed.' says Scarlett. 'There is nothing worse than a poor-quality mattress, so spend some time researching the best mattress for you, whether that be hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable, or firm.'

Check out our guide to the best mattress to help you make a decision. And do remember that loads of the top brands do trial periods so you can always test out your mattress for a few months and if you don't totally love it you can get your money back, so you are investing without the commitment. 

3. Spend on sheets

Cozy bedroom with canopy

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'Another item not to skimp on when buying for your bedroom is bedding.' recommends Scarlett. 'Opt for Egyptian Cotton with a high thread count or a linen fabric to ensure that your bedding is of good quality and dresses your statement bed.' 

We'd say pick a crisp white or near to white set so that you use it as a background to add colors and textures with your throw pillows. And go with something that is made from 100% natural fibers – cotton (Egyptian, as Scarlett said, if you are feeling extra fancy), silk or linen. And look out for those high-thread counts too, between 180 and 300 is what you are after.  

And if bedding isn't the top of your list when it comes to budget, you can still give your sheets a luxury touch by layering them up with blankets and throw pillows. That texture will give you that more expensive, hotel-vibe without having to invest in all your budget in the highest quality sheets.

Check out our guide to the best bedding brands for ideas on where to source a dreamy boudoir, and find our tried and tested favourites in our guide to the best duvets and bedding sets.

4. Spend on cozy carpet

Kate and Mike’s schoolhouse renovation took more than their share of blood, sweat and tears – but the unique open-plan home they’ve created is worth he effort

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'We would always recommend opting for a good quality carpet, as it really can make the difference when it comes to comfort. There is no better feeling than your feet sinking into your carpet as you get out of bed in the morning.'

We know that carpet has fallen out of favor a bit, but if there was ever a place to bring it back it's in the bedroom. A carpet will add instant softness and comfort making your bedroom feel extra cozy. Again, pick a neutral color, like a grey or cream that will lighten up the space, plus go with any style you throw at it.

Can't part with your wooden floors? Investing in a large area rug to go under the majority of your furniture will have a similar effect – and rugs in our opinion are always something to invest in.

5. Spend on artwork you love

Bedroom with fireplace and dark grey doors

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There are loads of affordable options out there when it comes to buying affordable prints, so don't feel like you have to splurge on artwork for your bedroom. However, the thing about budget-friendly prints is that they can start to look a little bit samey. Investing in vintage artwork, pieces from artists or statement photographs you really love is bound to give your space way more personality and reflect your style. 

A single piece of artwork could be the focal point of your space too, something to base the whole of the rest of the room around. So if you love it, buy it and take it with you wherever you move to. 

6. Save on bedroom storage

Ikea closet in blue bedroom

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Mainly because it's practical and boring and no one really sees it! Unless you plan to go bespoke with a built-in closet, you can definitely save money when it comes to clothes storage

If you already have a walk-in closet, just pick up a few cheaper bits to make it work harder like storage boxes, baskets, and extra clothes rails. If you are going freestanding, don't spend too much on drawers and wardrobes because there are so many lovely, affordable options out there – of course, try Ikea, which is always our go-to for storage, but Wayfair and Target are great too. 

If you need any advice or clever bedroom storage ideas, we have a whole feature for you to have a look through. 

7. Save on second hand bedroom furniture

With cosy textures and a soothing colour palette, Niamh and Brian’s renovation is a masterclass in creating a homely haven.

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If you really want to save money on your bedroom furniture, plus add some lovely personality to your space, sourcing second-hand pieces is the way to go.

'Furniture can be very expensive, especially if you are looking for a specific design. Consider buying your statement pieces from charity shops or clearance sales to get original pieces, as they are often in their original state.' advises Scarlett. 

And remember not to get carried away finding the perfect piece, 'you can easily customize furniture to reflect your personal taste, by changing the handles, adding a fresh lick of paint, or upholstering with a fresh fabric.'

8. Save on soft furnishings

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And by soft furnishings we mean throw pillows, blankets, drapes – all of these things you can pick up cheaply or even make yourself. Plus, these are the kind of accessories you'll probably switch out a fair bit as seasons, tastes and trends change. 

'If you are on the creative side, consider creating your own soft furnishings such as cushion covers or blankets. They can be relatively simple to create and add a personal touch to your room.' recommends Scarlett. 

9. Save on decor accessories 

Boho bedroom with orange feature wall

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And that goes for more decorative accessories too, you don't want to go splurge your money on the smaller things that are likely to change over time. Plus, you don't want your bedroom to feel too cluttered with  'stuff' either so shop sparingly for accessories, maybe investing in just one or two pieces that will add to the style of the space. 

Our favorite places for affordable, stylish bedroom decor are H&M Home and Zara Home – loads of bargains to be had but everything always looks more expensive than what you paid for it. 

10. Save with a DIY headboard

gorgeous patterned wooden headboard brings warmth to a Scandi-style bedroom filled with textured accessories

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'Making your own headboard is extremely cost-effective, and considerably easier than you might think. The right statement headboard will have a dramatic impact on your bedroom, and something simple can still make all the difference.' says Scarlett,

A DIY headboard might sound complicated, but there are so many options out there for total DIY novices. You could even just paint a section behind your bed to give the impression of a headboard for a really cheap update – we have plenty of DIY headboard ideas like that over in our gallery so go and check that out if you are feeling inspired. 

How much should you spend on a bedroom?

How much you spend on a bedroom can totally vary depending on how much redecorating you need to do, how much furniture you need to buy and what style you have in mind. What we will say, whatever your budget, is to have a plan. 

Start with a clear budget in mind and then break down that budget into what will spent where. Include everything you need to buy, from paint to a new bed and stick to that budget you started with. Think about what is important to you are where you are willing to splurge and look at where you can save money too – use our above advice as a guide. 

Should you spend money on bedroom furniture?

There are certain bedroom furniture items you are best to invest in and make a priority with your budget. Your bed for example, that will be the focus of your room and something you will use every single day so it's worth investing in that. But smaller items like bedside tables needn't take up a massive portion of the budget, you can find loads of lovely affordable nightstands that are great quality for the price, so going with something super high-end seems like a waste of your money. 

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