Summer party decor ideas you need to try this weekend

Get the girlies over

Colorful outdoor tablescape on pastel background
(Image credit: @colourfulmelissa)

Is there anything better than the arrival of summer? Long nights, the feeling of warm rays on your skin, and, best of all, time spent with the girlies — fruity cocktail in hand. 

I love having friends over at this time of year and making the most of a summer theme with a good ol’ fashioned garden party. From cute catering choices and decorating cocktails with edible flowers to summery tablescapes, it’s all about embracing the hosting spirit. 

Whether you’ve got some outdoor space, a balcony or you’ll be having friends round to your apartment, use these pretty decor ideas to get your pals in the summertime mood. 

Use a runner to focus your tablescape 


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Have a small table that you want to make a big impact? This table runner technique hones all of the table decor to the center, making it super simple to slay your tablescape. Start with a light, linen or gauze table runner and then position pillar candles, candle holders and bud vases filled with flowers in varying heights across the runner. The effect is a dreamy, put-together design that looks great whatever your table size. 

 Craft a floating flower display 


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There’s nothing I love more than getting crafty before a party and showing friends how much effort I’ve put into our meet-up. This floating flower display is actually super easy to pull off but looks absolutely Pinterest-worthy. If you are short on time, though, you could always buy one ready-made, which are still extremely cute. Hang on a garden fence, in front of a wall inside, or stretched between two points for people to walk through.  

Stock up on edible flowers 

Two champagne glasses with edible flowers

(Image credit: @charlottejacklin)

No summer gathering is complete without edible flowers! Sprinkle them across open sandwiches, adorn the sides of cakes or float in the top of a cocktail for a pretty twist. It immediately brings the party vibe and makes everything you’re serving more special. You could even store them in a colorful pinch pot and store next to a bottle of wine in an ice bucket so that people can help themselves. 

Get creative with ice  


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If you want your gathering to have the wow factor, you can impress your friends with this floral ice trick and it takes next to no time, money or space. Perfect! Simply pop flowers heads inside a few balloons, fill them up with water and pop in the freezer. The next day, tear the balloon off and you’re left with magical spheres of ice holding beautiful flowers. It will take your presentation game to the next level and you need nothing more than a bucket, a work surface and a couple of wine bottles to show off your good work. 

Comfy floor cushions  

Outdoor table with colorful tablecloth and cushions

(Image credit: @colourfulmelissa)

Picture the scene: You’re lucky enough to have a small patch of grass to call your own and a summer party has been proposed — great! But, the bad news? There’s nowhere for people to sit and even if you did invest in chairs, there’s not really the space for them. 

A more versatile option is a set of floor cushions, this way, they can be brought out, stacked up and propped against a wall when you’re not using them. Not only are they less expensive but they can also be used inside, too.