7 genius over-the-toilet storage ideas

You never knew you needed these

Over toilet storage ladder and pink background
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Got a cute framed print above your toilet, but not a proper space for storing your spare towels? I hate to break it to ya, but that aesthetic black-and-white photo of bare legs in the bath might just have to find a new home. Sorry babe!

Far from just a decor spot, the space behind your toilet is actually a great place to pop some extra storage — whether wall-mounted or freestanding. And there are actually loads of stylish options available, that won’t totally ruin the vibe of your precious powder room.

Whether you’re just after a place to store your spare rolls of toilet paper in your tiny downstairs bathroom, or you need a full-blown shelving unit for housing spare towels for all your roommates, a scroll through this list of ideas is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

 Try a slimline storage ladder 

Over toilet storage ladder

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I love ladder shelves because they never look too clunky — but they actually give you loads of extra bathroom storage space. Although too slim for large towels, these shelves would be perfect for keeping smaller items like feminine hygiene products, spare toilet paper, and hand towels. There are loads of different styles of ladder shelves available, but I love that this one can be adjusted to fit your floor and ceiling perfectly. 

Or maximise the space with a larger shelving unit 


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I feel like whoever came up with the idea for over-the-toilet shelving units definitely deserves some kind of award. It’s totally up to you how you organize the shelves — but personally, I’d roll up spare towels super tight and stack them in cute little pyramids, and then keep any other bits and bobs in small baskets or boxes. Oh, and I’d definitely have to get a hanging plant, too! 

Stack up your towel selection 

Black and white bathroom

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The towels that you’re currently using are probably hanging on a hook somewhere — but where in your bathroom do you keep the clean towels? If they don’t have a proper home, then mount a towel rack above your toilet. These stylish racks just look so much better than a boring rail, and they come in loads of different styles and colors. 

Install some simple floating shelves 

Bathroom with black chevron stripes on wall

(Image credit: @minnys_home)

The great thing about standard shelves is that you can stack them as high as you want or need. Whether you’re after sleek and simple floating ones, or something more rustic and traditional, you’re guaranteed to find a size and style that works for your specific space. Combining fashion with function, I love how @minnys_home has used hers to display hand towels and tissues, as well as decorative candles and foliage. 

Keep toiletries tucked away in an over-the-toilet cabinet 


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Another great freestanding over-the-toilet option, cabinets are a great option for hiding away clutter if you’re not great at staying on top of storage baskets and boxes. They often still come with at least one open shelf for storing towels — but it’s nice to have the option to also keep your toiletries and personal items tucked away behind closed doors. 

Turn your toilet paper into wall art 

Bathroom with toilet paper stored over toilet

(Image credit: @beckshomeandlife)

I don’t know about you, but I always buy my toilet paper in bulk — so finding somewhere to store it all can often be a little tricky. So it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with how @beckshomeandlife has displayed hers on this amazing cloud-shaped shelf. It’s so simple, yet so very effective! 

Display cute bottles on some aesthetic floating shelves

Acrylic shelves in bathroom holding beauty products

(Image credit: @athomewiththebains)

I’m sorry, but I don’t spend all my money on skincare to then keep the cute bottles hidden away in a cabinet! Displaying your lotions and potions on slimline acrylic shelves is what all the TikTok girlies are doing — so why not use the wall space above your toilet to hop on the trend? Either nail them into the wall, or find some that come with self-adhesive strips instead if you’re renting. Or if acrylic isn’t your thing, picture ledges would also work well. 

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