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I adore all things aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, and as an aspiring wellness girlie, the spa look is something I've been trying to achieve in my builder-grade bathroom. I might not be able to re-tile or renovate, but what I can do is create a good atmosphere using my luxury bath towels as an element of decor.

If you've ever been to a gorgeous homeware store, spa, or hotel and wondered how to roll towels like that IRL, you're in luck. The techniques are super easy, and beyond soothing to do. 

Ready to bring this bougie look into your bathroom space? We've spoken to a rolling and folding professional Sophie Liard to find out the expert-approved way to roll your towels, whether they're washcloths, hand towels, or full-sized sheets.

Good to know

Time: 5–10 minutes, depending on how many towels you're rolling

Difficulty: Easy peasy, thanks to helpful video tutorials from our towel-rolling expert, Sophie Liard (aka the TikTok-famous Folding Lady)

Helpful hints: Make sure you're working on a flat surface large enough to fully unfold your biggest towel. Liard likes to work on her bed once it's made, while I personally prefer my futon or dining table. Always start with the tag side of the towel facing up towards you in order to hide it by the time it's fully rolled.

Here's what you'll need

  • Freshly washed towels
  • A clean, flat surface to work on (like a dining table or made bed)

How to roll bath towels

Give your guests (and yourself) a luxury experience when they step into your bathroom by rolling your bath towels spa-style. The spa roll technique is quick and simple, but the vibes are immaculate. 


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Step 1: Fold diagonally for a pointy corner 

Start with your towel vertically, with a short side closest to you. Bring up the bottom right-hand corner and fold diagonally to create a triangle and pointy edge on the bottom.

Step 2: Fold in half

Next, fold your towel in half length-wise with the shorter side on top. The pointy triangle end should still be on the bottom at this point.

Step 3: Flip over and roll

Now flip the towel over and rotate it so you can't see the short end anymore, and the pointy corner is on top. Starting from the bottom, roll your towel all the way to the top, so the roll overlaps the pointy end.

Step 4: Tuck it in

Flip your rolled towel over so the diagonal edge is facing up toward you. Tuck the corner into the top of your towel roll, and voila! You're one step closer to turning your bathroom into a home spa sanctuary.

How to roll hand towels

This versatile technique is called the ranger roll, and it's a personal favorite of Liard's. Use it for your hand towels, kitchen towels, and bath towels for a polished roll that's designed to stay in place, no matter what.


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Step 1: Fold over the bottom edge

Start by laying your towel vertically, so the short ends are at the top and bottom. Fold over the bottom side so the open end is facing your flat surface. Lots of towels have borders on one of their short sides, which make an ideal guideline for this fold.

Tip: To keep tags out of sight, start with the tag facing up towards you, and double-check that the top side of the towel is where your tag is before you start rolling.

Step 2: Fold and slightly overlap the long sides

Pull the long sides of your towel in and fold them so they overlap a little bit. This will feel similar to folding it in thirds, but should be slightly uneven. You'll now be able to see the short edge that you folded under in the previous step.

Step 3: Rotate and roll

Spin your towel around so the folded side is now at the top. Roll from the bottom up, working all the way to the top of the towel so the folded side is within the roll, and there's a clean edge on the outside.

Step 4: Flip and fold a pocket to tuck into 

Finally, grab the exposed edge and flip it over your roll to create a pocket that keeps the roll super-secure. You're now ready to stack and display to your heart's content, keeping the exposed edge facing down or towards the wall. 

How to roll washcloths

The ranger technique is ~technically~ somewhere between a fold and a roll in this case, but for little square washcloths, it's perfect. You can either store these in a basket like Liard or create a cute stack on your bathroom shelf for easy access during your evening skincare routine.


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Step 1: Tuck the bottom side under

Similarly to the hand towel technique, your first step here is to fold the side of your washcloth closest to you and tuck the edge underneath. Again, it's super helpful to use a border on the towel to guide your fold! 

Step 2: Fold into (almost) thirds

Next, grab the right and left-hand sides of your towel and fold them over each other so they're almost in thirds. Make sure you leave a little bit of room rather than bringing the top side all the way to the edge of your fold.

Step 3: Put the top of the washcloth into the pocket

Now that you're all folded up, you can fold/tuck the top of your washcloth into the little pouch you've created. Stack your set up or place them neatly in a storage basket and display them on your vanity.


What are the best ways to store and display towels?

Towel folding pro Laird suggests organizing your towels by purpose. Separate them out into "guest towels, hand towels, and beach towels" makes it easy t remember. She also says that it "ensures everything has a space and is accessible to those that need it."  

"For towel storage in cabinets, I recommend shelf dividers," she adds. "These are great to support your piles. Another great way to store or display towels is to use labeled baskets, which is what I do at home."

Is it better to roll or fold towels?

There are no wrong answers here. It's totally up to you and what area you're working with in your home. "It really depends on your space," Liard says. "Rolling is great for baskets and displays, while folding is ideal to create stacks for cupboards."

How do you roll hand towels so they stay rolled?

Liard says to stick with the ranger roll. "This is perfect for displays, because a rolled towel is more likely to move," she says. "Even if your pyramid of facecloths or towels collapses your rolls will stay perfect."

How do you roll towels quickly?

"The quick technique I use is to fold the towel into thirds, turn 90 degrees and roll," Liard shares. "That gives you lovely folded edges with no fall out."

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