New ideas for walls

How to create a unique display in your home, from stylish ways to hang artwork to using storage as a feature

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Today’s approach to wall décor is more eclectic than ever before. While some people prefer to hang fine paintings in their homes in a gallery-like fashion, others are more inclined to let their imaginations run wild, showcasing everything from vintage maps to garden gates on their walls. In fact, anything that can be supported by a nail in the wall presents an opportunity for an artistic wall accent.

And what if the objects of your desire don’t lend themselves to being hung on the wall? Custom-built shelves can play a supporting role. Use one alone or stack several — whether in perfect vertical rows or barely overlapping one another.

In contemporary settings, you might also consider using three-dimensional cubes in lieu of standard shelves. Not only can they provide a dramatic place to display collectibles, but they also become an inherent part of the room’s architecture.

prints on walls

Multiple prints in the living room

Mantelpiece pictures

mirrors and clocks

Mirrors and clocks

Even the smallest decorative mirror can add sparkle to a space, bouncing light back into the room. As a general rule, position a mirror where it will reflect something worth seeing twice, such as a breathtaking view or an eye-catching work of art.

Or use an oversized mirror at one end of the room, as it will seemingly double the dimensions of the space. Mirrors can make a strong decorative statement on their own or in a group; you can put together a collection just as you would paintings or prints.

For that matter, the same applies to clocks. Used alone, a classic timepiece fitted with chimes can be a strong focal point. On the other hand, a collection of basic circular clocks – each set to a different time zone – will clue your guests in on your penchant for travel.

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