8 fridge organization ideas to keep your food fresh AF

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Two pictures of colorful organized fridges with containers
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There’s one place in the home that I’m getting on organizing ASAP, and it’s my fave place too — the fridge. That’s where the snacks are, that’s where I’m at legit every day. That being said, I do have so much in there, I always feel like I’m going on a treasure hunt digging through it.

Obvi, it’s not just snacks that go in the fridge. There’s groceries, juices, sauces, cans, and so much more — all items that can take up a lot of space and can get messy real quick. I have a super small fridge, and having everything squashed and squeezed makes me so stressy. Luckily, there are actually lots of clever ways to keep items tidy.

I’ve gone through my TikTok and Insta feeds, to find clever and colorful ways to get my fridge looking aesthetic AF. If you’re wanting to do the same, I’ve rounded up a range of different ideas for you to get you started.

Scroll on down to see what I've found, and how you can replicate them in your own fridge...

8 fridge organization ideas that I absolutely love

Who knew groceries could look so cute? No matter what you need to store, there’s def an idea in here that will help you store all your refrigerator items. I've also rounded up some beaut buys, so you can get the look too.

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1. Meal prep containers

A fridge with multiple containers with prepped food in them

(Image credit: Kristen Hong / @hellonutritarian)

Chopping up all your fresh groceries  and keeping it contained will make life so much easier when it comes to cooking. It also saves a lot more room in the fridge, as you won’t have your different sized groceries cluttering up the space. I also especially love how Kristen Hong, author of Fridge Love, has different colored lids. You could def color-code your meals with these.

2. Eco-friendly covers 

A colorful fridge with multiple food storage containers

(Image credit: Kristen Hong / @hellonutritarian)

Okay, picture the scene: your dinner has filled you up real good, and you just can’t take another bite (I don’t relate TBH, but we move). You put some plastic wrap over your bowl, stick it in the fridge, ready for lunch tomorrow. Stop right there — plastic wrap is bad for the environment, you guys. Instead, cover your bowls with a reusable cover. Not only is this much more eco-friendly, it will also make your fridge look so much neater.

3. Soda can holder


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By storing cans in a bin that’s slanted like this, you can stack lots of soda cans on top of each other at once, taking up much less space than having them lined up on the shelf. This way, you can keep loads of cans cool at the same time (because let’s face it, drinks taste 10x better when they’re real chilled).  

4. Storage bins

A fridge with groceries stored in organizational boxes

(Image credit: @alifemoreorganized)

If you CBA to chop all your meal ingredients but still want to keep them organized, big storage bins are a great way to store lots of different sized bags, cans and boxes all in one place. As I mentioned, you could divide up your groceries by meal, or even separate out different kinds of foods, such as dairy products, fresh groceries, and proteins. These kinds of rectangular boxes are so simple to use and are a breeze to clean too.

5. Silicone bags

A fridge organized with colorful food in containers

(Image credit: Kristen Hong / @hellonutritarian)

If you don’t have much room for big rectangular boxes or huge jars, I’ve got another shape for you: the humble triangle. Silicone bags line up so smartly in the fridge, and take up more vertical space than horizontal, which is perfect if you have smaller shelves. They’re also so ideal for snack prep, as you can simply grab them before heading out for the day.

6. Lazy Susans

A colorful fridge with lots of items in storage containers

(Image credit: @organizingforlife)

Trust me: the name Susan means anything but lazy (I’m talking from experience, as it’s legit my middle name). They’re such a cute way of organizing bottles and jars, as you can just spin the disk ‘round to grab what you want, rather than reaching in the fridge and knocking things over. BTW, Lazy Susans work amazingly in kitchen cupboards too, for the exact same reason. 

7. Egg holder


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What side of the egg storage bench are you on? I’m team fridge, as I think it keeps the eggs fresher. I could watch this TikTok fridge organizing hack for hours, as it’s just so satisfying. You can shop the exact look, but if you’re a li’l worried about your eggs going splat, there are plenty of other ways you can hold organize in the fridge, such as on small shelves and in containers with lids. 

8. Jars

A colorful fridge filled with jars

(Image credit: Kristen Hong / @hellonutritarian)

Why have your kimchi and pickles in the store jars when you could have them in cute aesthetic jars? This makes it easier to see exactly what you have, and what sort of condition they’re in — AKA, you won’t find any moldy jars lurking at the back of the refrigerator in a few months’ time. If you’re feeling extra boujee, you could color organize your jars like Kristen Hong has.

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