TikTok introduced us to these 6 fridge organizers ⁠— they're ideal for smaller kitchens

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I live in a rental with a small kitchen, meaning I want to get the most out of the space I have. But everything in my fridge is in such a jumble ATM — I mean, I have a whole shelf of sauces, which I’m not sure is entirely necessary. I also spend so much time looking in the fridge (both for cooking and snacking), so I absolutely want it to look more organized. So, I know there are plenty of ways to organize a fridge, but just where do I start?

Of course, I spend a hell of a lot of time on TikTok, just like pretty much everyone else my age, so I went straight to my app for inspo. The #CleanTok community has a bunch of clever ideas for getting your fridge looking majorly aesthetic. Storing all of my food in separate containers means that shelving space and drawers can be used as efficiently as poss. Plus, knowing where everything is will also make meal planning super easy, so nothing goes to waste and you’re not buying more than you need to. Cute, time-saving, money-saving, and eco-friendly? Yes, please.

See below for the six fridge organization buys that I am now lusting after thanks to TikTok, all of which will actually help save space in your fridge. Which means more room to store your favorite cheese or cans of your guilty pleasure soda. You can shop the look after you watch the video.

6 TikTok fridge organization ideas I totally love

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1. Snack drawer containers


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Okay, I’m all about snack organization right now, and this is super neat for those snacks that need to be refrigerated. You can chop up all your different fruits, and then pop them in small containers. The size means you can stack several of them together in one drawer, then when you’re ready to get munching, you simply can get them out and carry them wherever. No plates required.

2. Soda can containers


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I’m one of those people that firmly believes that all drinks taste better in a can, especially when they’re cold. But they usually take up so much space, so I’m always having to manage a one in, one out system. By putting them in a long, deep container that isn’t too wide, you can fit loads of them in without it taking up your whole shelf. Then when you need a fizzy-pick-me up, you can chill out as you’ll have loads already chilled.

3. Egg Storage Holders


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Ah, it’s the ever-long egg debate — should they go in the fridge or not? I say yes. I currently have them in a holder on the fridge door, but one OTT fridge opening and I’m about to have a complete mess to clean up in the kitchen. These are such a compact way of keeping lots of eggs neatly stacked. And look how they roll! Making omelettes is about to get 10x more fun. 

4. Juice cartons


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It’s the worst feeling when you get ready to pour yourself a big ol’ glass of juice in the morning, for only a tiny drop to come out when you open the bottle. Those sad times will be no more with one of these juice cartons, that make it easy to see how much you’ve got left and whether you need to run to the grocery store for a top-up. They’re also fab for milk and water too. And they're even better for anyone who has a juicer and makes their own. 

5. Fruit and vegetable baskets


♬ Originalton - sihame_home

Let’s ignore the fact that this TikToker has put potatoes in the fridge, and focus on these handy baskets. Like the soda can holders, they’re easy to slot in drawers or on shelves and can be placed next to one another. The breathable slots will also help keep your produce feeling fresh. Having a set place for all of your fruit and veg also means no more games of fridge Tetris after you’ve been to the supermarket.  

6. Acrylic holders with dividers


♬ original sound - Catherine Benson

How satisfying is this video to watch? Those ASMR sounds are seriously soothing me. There are plenty of fab ideas for fridge organization in this vid, but it’s the first one that I’m completely obsessed over. These rectangular acrylic holders are just the right size for fitting in your fridge drawer. Being able to separate everything in one box also means you can pop all your dinner ingredients in one box, so you aren’t scrambling around when it’s time to cook.

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