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Two pictures, one of a kitchen pantry and one of a bathroom with organized drawers
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It can be really hard to keep small spaces organized. I’m really bad at hanging onto things I don’t exactly need. Even still, there are lots of things I do need that don’t properly fit in my tiny rental either. This leads to unnecessary amounts of stress, especially when it all keeps stacking up.

A majorly messy space ruins any nice aesthetic, but there’s got to be a solution, right? As with all my problems, I’ve headed over to Insta and TikTok to scout out some amazing ideas that use the best organization products to turn a space that's an utter mess into a clean haven.

Whether you’ve got li’l cabinets, tiny drawers, or small square footage, I’ve got you boo. I’ve rounded up a host of organizing ideas that will make it so much easier to keep all that clutter contained.

Want to get your small space looking as cute as poss too? Scroll down for all the organizing inspo.

10 organizing ideas to make your tiny space so tidy

These ideas cover a range of different rooms, from the living area all the way up to the bedroom. I’ve also picked out some buys, so you can get the look yourself if you’re feeling the vibes.

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1.  Drawer organizers

A bathroom drawer with organizers filled with items

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I’m a total skincare geek, so I have a load of skincare products that take up an alarming amount of room. Add up all my hair masks, toothpastes, and hairbrushes, and there’s way too many items to go through to find one product. If you only have a small bathroom drawer to play with, it’s a fab idea to dividing up everything up, so they’re easily to see and super accessible. Drawer organizers and dividers work really well in the bedroom and the kitchen too.

2. Linen organizers

A linen cupboard with multiple organization boxes

(Image credit:

Okay, I have a confession here guys: my linen cupboard is a complete nightmare RN. I’ve hardly got any shelf space, and the space I have got is filled with piles of sheets that are totally unorganized. Some of them are folded, some of them are scrunched up — don’t judge me. Either way, the tiny space makes it really hard to see which sheets I actually have. So, I was thrilled to discover the existence of linen organizers. With these you can label up sheets, keep the fabric neatly folded, and easily pull them out for when you’re changing the bed (BTW, this is how often you should be doing that).

3. Kitchen containers

A kitchen cupboard with multiple jars on the door and inside it

(Image credit: @thehomediary_)

When you only have a couple of kitchen cupboards, you really have to be smart with how you put groceries in them. Otherwise, it’s literally impossible to find what you need. I love how @thehomediary_ has utilized the vertical space in her small cupboard, filling it with cylinders of dry items. The Lazy Susan is also a really clever way to access stacked up tins and sauce bottles. And those spice containers? They’re ridiculously cute. 

4. Makeup organizers


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Hands up if your makeup collection is a li’l out of control! Mine was, before I went ahead and decluttered it. I still have a lot of makeup though, that’s arguably way too much for one gal. If you’ve got a lot of palettes and lipsticks to keep contained too, I def recommend investing in a solid makeup organizer. I particularly like tall ones that rotate, as they can contain a lot of makeup without taking up lots of desk space. 

5. Pantry baskets

A kitchen pantry with baskets on the shelves

(Image credit: @themarshallconcept)

There’s just something so wholesome about baskets. They’re so sweet, but also give off that farmhouse chic kinda look. If you have lots of different grocery items that need to be categorized, placing them into labelled baskets will make life so simple. This way, you can just grab them for whatever you’re cooking in the kitchen. No more getting back from the grocery store and playing Tetris with your shelves. 

6.  Slim hangers


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It can be so tempting to keep those plastic hangers from the store, as they do save you buying them. However, they do take up a lot of space, and clothes slip off them really easily, which can then clutter up your wardrobe. Wire hangers and velvet hangers are great alternatives as they take up less space, look much more stylish, and you can generally buy them in multi-packs. 

7. Optimizing shelf space

A living room with a colorful bookshelf and wall art

(Image credit: @bohome.plantry)

When you live in a small space, you’ve got to just work with you’ve got - but that doesn’t mean it can’t look aesthetic AF. If you have a space that’s longer widthways than it is lengthways, opt for organization furniture that makes the most of this, like @bohome.plantry has done with her low down bookshelves. The opposite also applies — if you don’t have a lot of square footage but do have lots of wall space, go for tall bookshelves and ladders. By doing this, you can legit maximize every inch of space.

8. Storage carts


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Anything that’s remotely fun, I’m completely sold. And homeware pieces with wheels are automatically fun, IMO. Storage carts like this one are incredibly versatile, and can literally be used in anywhere in the house. From groceries and drinks to bathroom toiletries and makeup, they can literally hold it all. They also make transporting items around different rooms such a breeze too. I really like how TikToker @sabspreppys has jazzed hers up with stickers too, for an extra pop of color and style.

9.  Clever desk organization

A cute desk with a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and pegboard

(Image credit: @emscoffeestudies)

If your desk is in your bedroom or if you have a teeny spare room, chances are you don’t have a lot of space to work in. I’m personally crammed into the corner of my spare room right now, as me and my boyf share our office space. But just because the space is small, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of it. For example, using a pegboard to hang up stationery, equipment, and decorations tidies up the space so well. I also love the li’l easel that @emcoffeestudies has used, which is perfect for holding up tablets and notepads.

10. Over the door


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There’s one place that we all use every day, but that you may not be using to its full potential. Yes, I’m showing you the door. You can hook over organizers, coat hooks, and shelving racks onto them, adding more storage space. This can be done both on room doors, as well as on pantry and wardrobe doors. By doing this, you can fit more into the area, while keeping it neat AF. 

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