Floral Christmas decorating tips

Try these simple tips for an instant Christmas feel throughout your home from Laura Lee, floral designer for Kenneth Turner London

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A decorated entrance makes everyone feel welcome. Try adding a large ball of mistletoe hanging by velvet crimson ribbon near the front door. Homemade paper chains made from loops of felt, swathed up and over the stair rail or over mirrors, are also fun.

I use fresh red berries (ilex are the best) displayed in jugs and vases for an eclectic look with candles mingled between. Cinnamon sticks and mounds of satsumas piled into bowls is also a good idea. The fragrance and colours will add to the festive atmosphere and it’s cost-effective to create.


Look out for neutral twigs, branches and vines that can be found easily in the winter season. They’re ideal as they don’t need to be kept in water so you can get creative!

Trails of wild ivy entwined in bowers of natural larch, either in a tall, floorstanding vase or sisal baskets along with pinecones to give an instant Christmas look to modern living areas.

Place white phalenopsis orchids planted in square glass cubes on a console or coffee table. They’re easy to create. Line the cube with fresh moss then place the orchid still in its original plastic pot into the cube. Cut larch twigs (or red dogwood) approx.2ft tall and push them gently into the soil. Tie the stem of the orchid to the twig with natural string – this not only gives an unfussy, decorated look but it will support the flower stem. Finish by topping the cube with hazelnuts.



An elegant Christmas display is easily achievable by keeping flowers, foliage and flora dark and mysterious. Birch twigs sprayed in deep plum colours and sprinkled with glitter will sparkle in candlelight.

Place vases on windowsills with viburnum berries in them. They’re abundant in winter, just spray the berries with a touch of varnish for extra shine. One the table, use dark purple velvet ribbon, dark ivy or a mixture of both to tie napkins with a sprig of rosemary.

Images: Kenneth Turner. First image: Stag collection tea light candle holder, £23. Second image: Candle in a posey vase, from £38.