10 DIY Christmas gifts – extra special ideas that are crafted with love

Show nearest and dearest how amazing and sparkly they are with DIY Christmas gift ideas handmade with thoughtfulness and love.

Personalised Christmas plate
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Think outside the gift box this year and delight favorite faces with a one of a kind token, crafted with love. Extra thoughtful DIY Christmas gifts deliver an unrivalled personal touch - for the ultimate present that keeps on giving. 

From budget-friendly Christmas gifts in jars, to stash buster solutions that each member of the family will cherish forever with a heart-melting smile, crafted with love – just like you would any DIY Christmas decor – festive homemade gifts are fun to make and personality-packed to hoot! Spread the gingerbread glee with imaginative makes, that will make all the difference to a loved-ones Christmas this year.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

You don’t have to be a crafting genius to dabble in a spot of DIY gift making… The key to success is to utilize something that you genuinely love and are naturally skilled at - there's a DIY Christmas craft idea for everyone! Domestic goddesses get cooking, green-fingered gods get growing, and closet design engineers get whittling! 

Andre Kazimierski, CEO, Improovy, advises: ‘When it comes to DIY gifts, the bigger is NOT always better. It’s easy to get caught up in the crafter’s daydream that is Pinterest, but remain realistic about your skills and experience. Creating king-sized holiday themed quilts for each one of your family members may not be the best idea if you’ve never even held a knitting needle. Instead, think about your timeline, the materials you have, and the skills you’re comfortable with.’

1. Christmas Eve hamper

DIY Christmas Eve gift box for adults

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Christmas Eve hampers can be for adults too! This Merry Christmas Eve box is perfect for adults who wish to start Christmas Day festivities a little early. Why not fill the crate with the lucky recipient’s favorite homemade treats, along with their very own personalized mug? The possibilities are endless… Discover how to make this grown-up Christmas Eve box on the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub

2. Charcuterie board

DIY wooden charcuterie board

(Image credit: The Accent Piece)

For sociable creatures that love to entertain, sharing really is caring with. Spread the thoughtfulness and yummy tastebud sensations with a beautiful, handcrafted wooden platter that will become the centerpiece of homely gatherings for years to come. 

Suzie Wible, owner of DIY website and blog, The Accent Piece, says: Charcuterie boards are everywhere now, especially around the holidays and can be a really fun and unique gift for someone.’ Follow the step by step tutorial here.

3. Decorative Christmas jars

DIY glass jars filled with white winter scene

(Image credit: Ella Claire Inspired)

Create a magical wonderland DIY Christmas gift with just a few kitchen essentials, and treat nearest and dearest to their very own enchanted scene to merry-up their everyday through the long, cold winter. 

Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design, Magnet, comments: These jars are especially handy if you have young children or pets as it’s a safer way to display smaller ornaments which could be a choking hazard. 

To create your scene, first add a layer of white sugar to the base of the jar to replicate snow. You can then fill your jar with edible objects such as miniature gingerbread shapes or candy canes. Alternatively, you can choose to use small ornaments such as baubles or trees. Finish off the look by adding red ribbon to the handle of the jars.

4. Personalized embroidery hoop

DIY Christmas craft embroidery hoop

(Image credit: Stitch Happy)

Stitch the smiles into a beautiful modern embroidery hoop with a personalised design that will brighten up a loved one’s home. Newbies to needles might want to follow a PDF pattern template, or for those with a little more embroidery experience, why not create a bespoke design using the lucky recipient’s name, initials, or even a motif that they love? The time, energy and thought bubbles of kindness that go into a home sewn, Christmas craft creation will be appreciated and cherished forevermore.

Tempted to try some needlecraft therapy? Stitch Happy have a plethora of free sewing and embroidery tutorials to get you started and beyond. 

5. DIY matching sweaters

DIY matching Christmas jumpers

(Image credit: Trusted Malaysia)

Adam Ng, CEO and founder of Trusted Malaysia says: ‘The holidays are quickly approaching. It can feel like a challenge to come up with creative gift ideas since finding items that strike the right balance between practical and special takes time. DIY gift ideas are sure to be a hit with your friends and family this holiday season.’

What you need to make DIY matching sweaters:

This fashionable gift is a twin win for your best friend and child. 

How to do it:

1. Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part fabric medium on a paint palette. Fabric medium isn’t required with the multi-surface paint but it does make the paint a lot softer to the touch.

2. Following the lines on the stencil, use scissors to cut the stencil into 4 separate pieces. Remove the paper backing and arrange them on the sweatshirt however you like. Be sure that each stencil is firmly adhered to the fabric.

3. Use a foam pouncer to apply the paint to the stencil. Carefully remove the stencil when you’re done and then wash it off with mild soap and warm water to reuse it.

4. Allow the paint to dry completely and continue stenciling until you’ve filled up the sweatshirts with your desired design. Once dry, place the sweatshirts in the dryer for one cycle to heat set the paint. This ensures the paint will hold up wash after wash.

6. DIY floral arrangement

DIY Christmas floral arrangement

(Image credit: Bouquet Box)

Flowers spread smiles. Budding florists will love getting lost in petals of positivity and learning how to create stunning floral displays and festive centerpieces with freshly picked farm-to-table flowers. 

The first ever DIY floral arranging system, Bouquet Box features a deconstructed, expert-designed arrangement with the exact number of curated flowers, a reusable vase, custom tools, and step-by-step tutorials to create the picture perfect display this holiday season. Created by DIY expert Courtney Sixx and co-designed with celebrity florist Mark Held of Mark’s Garden, each monthly arrangement is inspired by displays from A-list events that Mark designed including those from the Oscars Governors Ball, the Golden Globes, movie premieres as well as celebrity weddings and other events.

Be inspired by this blooming tutorial.

7. Sweet treats for your sweet!

DIY tahini no bake cookies

(Image credit: Waiting for Blancmange)

Nothing beats DIY Christmas gifts. ‘Edible treats are an easy and cost effective option - making something from the heart, without breaking the bank and giving gifts that can be enjoyed on or around Christmas without causing clutter,’ enthuses Liz Mincin, food blog founder, Waiting for Blancmange

Make this delicious recipe for  tahini no bake cookies in advance, and store in mason jars tied with ribbon for a tasty and stylish homemade gift idea. Who can refuse baked-with-love Christmas cookies?

8.  DIY natural dye sleep mask

DIY silk sleep mask

(Image credit: Posh Totty Designs at Notonthehighstreet.com)

This one’s for all of the sleeping beauties out there. Elevate their nightly slumber ritual with a luxe sleeping aid swirled in unique pattern and love. Use natural vegetable dyes for an eco-friendly Christmas gift idea. 

‘Un-mask’ the way to sleep chic DIY with this easy to follow DIY natural dye sleep mask guide. 

9. DIY dried flowers wreath

DIY dried flower Christmas wreath

(Image credit: Happy Blossoms)

Make an everlasting alternative wreath using colorful pops of dried textures, and brighten-up their front door or interior from season to season. 

Unleash your creativity to make a Christmas wreath design that's unique... Using a simple wire circle as a foundation, attach a variety of dried flowers and dyed grasses, wrapping and securing snugly with floristry wire. Finish with a pretty length of ribbon for hanging – et voilà! Delight guaranteed.

10. DIY Marble Dip Mugs with Nail Polish

Marble Dip Mugs with Nail Polish

(Image credit: Trusted Malaysia)

Whip out a whole batch of these striking mugs as easy Christmas gifts for friends and family. Hugs in mugs for all guaranteed!

How to do it: 

1. Fill a container with warm water… The warmer the better.

2. Grab some pretty nail polish from a cupboard in your bathroom. 

3. Pour a few drops of nail polish into the water, and swirl with a skewer if necessary. A film will quickly start to form (it is starting to dry already.)

4. Dip the mug and twirl your wrist to pick up the paint. Place your mugs on a paper towel to dry. DO NOT TOUCH until the polish is completely dry.

Why are DIY Christmas gifts better than shop bought gifts?

Two-thirds (68%) of British adults will be making homemade Christmas gifts this year as they seek out unique and meaningful presents for friends and family, according to research from 3D laser printer company Glowforge.

Those not as creatively inclined also find a homemade Christmas appealing, with 82% planning to visit independent shops to buy gifts and 78% visiting Christmas markets to track down the perfect present.

It’s good news for gift recipients, as a huge of majority (92%) of the 2,000 adults questioned say it’s more heartfelt and meaningful to receive a homemade present for Christmas, instead of a shop bought gift or voucher. 

Dan Shapiro, CEO and co-founder at Glowforge, says 'the most meaningful thing we can give is something we've created ourselves.'

What are the best DIY Christmas gifts?

According to Shapiro, the most popular items to make and gift span fashion, food and fancy luxury items, so be aware if you’re in a secret Santa scheme this year. A friend, colleague or family member under 30 will be most likely to gift handmade jewellery, a knitted jumper or homemade bath bomb. In contrast, the over 60s will turn to homemade jams or chutneys.

Other planned homemade gift creations include candles, baked truffles, biscuits, Christmas decorations, artwork, pottery and soap bars.

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