Christmas Mason jar ideas – 11 festive ways to use these glass containers

These Christmas Mason jar ideas are the perfect way to get crafty with your surplus glassware over the festive season

A trio of fresh herbs potted in mason jars including rosemary, mint and parsley
(Image credit: Kilner)

If your cupboard's getting crammed, you may be looking for Christmas Mason jar ideas to get rid of – we mean, gift – some of these multi-use glass containers for the festive season.

Once sterilized, you'll only need to go on social media to discover the endless possibilities of your DIY Christmas decorations. From edible creations that are oh-so-sweet to ornamental items you'll want to show off – we've even got something for fluffy friends too.

So if you're looking to save a bit of money this season, want to create a mason jar gift idea that's personalized or sentimental, or simply spend some time handcrafting some homewares –  these Mason jar ideas for Christmas will instil the magic of Christmas.

Christmas Mason jar ideas for gifts and decor

'From upcycling Mason jars into handmade Christmas decorations to creating intricate stained glass artwork – and everything in between –  Peelable Paint is perfect for those who want to get stuck into a new home project.' says Caroline Thornborough, director of Thorndown.

'Color, design and fun are fundamental elements at the core of Thorndown and drive our passion. With Peelable Glass Paint we’ve combined technical expertise and creative instinct to create a new concept in arts and crafts.'

'It is kind on the environment too. As well as containing virtually no VOCs, it contains a resin from recycled plastics which were once destined for landfill.'

1. Create your own mint scrub gift

A mason jar with mint scrub made using coconut oil, mint extract, sugar and green food coloring with paper doily and red/white twine decor

(Image credit: Liz Fourez (Love Grows Wild blog))

There's something so special about a DIY Christmas gift. The fact that you've taken time out of your day to source the materials, created your handmade craft and perhaps personalized it to give it your own seasonal and special spin that shop-bought can't compete with. 

As consumers, we're becoming more and more invested in where our materials are sourced and what ingredients our food and skincare contain. So it makes sense that this mint hand and foot scrub using only coconut oil, sugar, mint extract and green food coloring (totes optional) is a simple beauty treat that smells (and tastes...) like a candy cane.

'At room temperature coconut oil is solid, so I microwaved some of it in a bowl until it softened, which took about 15-25 seconds,' explains Liz Fourez, owner of Love Grows Wild blog.

'You can make your scrub with whatever ratio of ingredients you like. I like mine to be a bit on the coarser side, so it exfoliates really well. To package my mint sugar scrub to give as gifts, I spooned the scrub into wide-mouth half-pint Mason jars. I made the jars extra pretty by sandwiching a paper doily between the jar lid and ring. Then I tied some red and white twine around the jar for the perfect finishing touch.'

2. Encase your elf on the shelf in a quarantine house

An Elf on the Shelf figurine inside glass mason jar with polystyrene 'snow' decor and decals depicting quarantine house with countdown on lid

(Image credit: NuthouseGifts)

'Ready or not, they’re going to be here soon!' says Samantha Sladich Reich, mom, wife, and owner of Etsy shop, NuthouseGifts.

'And why not start your Elf on the shelf ideas with a 14-day quarantine? 14 days he has to sit and not move! Or you could use this after he has been visiting and ends up having to quarantine. Either way, this can save you two weeks of not having to move your elf! I made a countdown the kids can use and a mask for the elf! Your elf’s name can be added too!'

Make your own or buy from Reich on Etsy for just $20.

3. Incorporate edible gifts into Christmas Eve boxes

A mason jar containing layered hot chocolate mix ingredients

(Image credit: Half Scratched)

The magic of Christmas starts so much earlier than December 25 for young children. Elf has already been up to enough mischief, they've written their gift lists and even laid out a mince pie, some milk, and a carrot for Santa and his reindeer. But the best part about the night before: Christmas Eve boxes.

A relatively new invention, these packages give kids a preview of what's to come over the next couple of days... And give you a little breathing space from the constant curiosity of shaking presents (or finding small tears in your carefully-wrapped presents...)

Aside from the usual pjs and dollar store gifts, create a Christmas Mason jar filled with hot chocolate mix. This jar looks great mixed into neat layers of unsweetened cocoa powder, powdered milk, creamer, sugar, marshmallows and chocolate chips or mint candies.

You can even add a cute printed label with instructions, just like Emily from Half-Scratched blog has.

4. Create a hot chocolate bar

A hot chocolate bar in kitchen with slow cooker containing beverage and mason jars containing an assortment of toppings

(Image credit: Crisp collective blog)

As delicious as the seasonal drinks are, going to your coffee shop for a hot chocolate or egg nogg latte can be an expensive habit over the festive season. By creating your own cocoa station, you can save money and have fun concocting your own beverage.

If you haven't tried hot chocolate in a Crock-Pot – this is your chance. Slowly simmering, a slow cooker is perfect for keeping this drink hot so family members can help themselves to a comforting cup whenever they feel like it.

Under supervision, children can create make their own candy decoration. Whether it's a mountain of whipped cream, mallow shapes or sugar strands, this is one DIY easy Christmas crafts for pre-schoolers and young kids.

5. Get crafting a snow globe

A mason jar Christmas snow globe with gold miniature tree decor

(Image credit: The Best of this Life)

We're not sure about you, but we have so many memories of shaking a snow globe to reveal a beautiful wintery scene. But rather than searching the shops for one, you can make your own. This Christmas Mason jar idea means that you can use any small decoration that fits in the glass container to create something truly bespoke.

'This DIY is fun for the whole family! You can put your personal spin on it by choosing different ornaments, creating a theme, and spray painting the lid a color of your choice.' says Emily Smith, editor-in-chief, The Best of this Life.

To get started, you'll need a Mason jar, a glue gun and hot glue stick, a small ornament with a flat base, clear glue, warm water, glitter, a spoon and some ribbon. Then, follow the instructions below:

  • Gather all your supplies and heat up the glue gun.
  • With the hot glue gun, glue your ornament to the Mason jar lid. I used a miniature tree.
  • Mix two ounces of clear glue and two cups of warm water inside the Mason jar.
  • Stir in two teaspoons of silver and/or white glitter. I used one teaspoon of each.
  • Please the lid on the Mason jar with the ornament face down and seal tightly.
  • Optionally, you can add a ribbon bow around the lid.
  • Shake twice to see the shimmering snow swirl around.

6. Fashion up some frosted-effect luminaries

A set of glass mason jars decorated with epsom salts, twine and faux berry decor

(Image credit: A Princess and a Pumpkin blog)

If you prefer to decorate your home with icy festive decorations, rather than the traditional red and green hues, this Christmas craft idea will add a warm glow to your home. As well as the containers, you'll need Epsom salts and two glues: Aleene's All Purpose Tacky Glue and DecoArt 16-Ounce Decoupage Glue, both available at Amazon, to act as the the adhesive element.

'These are perfect for decorating your mantle, dining table or front porch,' says Crystal Owens, founder of A Pumpkin and a Princess blog.

'I decorated my jars with a piece of faux greenery with tiny berries and a twine bow. Then added a battery-operated tea light inside. I love the way they glow at night and look beautiful on my Christmas mantle.'

7. Conjure up some pine gel candles

A trio of homemade candles in mason jars with pine decor, tea lights and gel

(Image credit: Home Made by Carmona)

If you haven't got the space, or time to choose a real Christmas tree this year – don't fret. You can still incorporate pine decor in your home – without the constant needle drop too.

Ursula Carmona, owner of DIY and design blog, Home Made by Carmona created these evergreen candles in a gel-like suspension. As these wax lights burn, they 'float' on top of the jelly-like material.

Style with some of the best Christmas candles for a curated display of shop-bought and homemade creations.

8. Dish out some dog treats

A mason jar decorated with black and white chalk paint decor and filled with dog treats

(Image credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love)

Aside from kids, you can't forget the next cutest relatives this season: your pets. Turn your containers into treat vessels with this 'paw-fect' Christmas Mason jar idea by Linda Braden, author, and owner of Mason Jar Crafts Love

This crafty idea uses Rust-oleum's white chalk paint, available on Amazon, for a matte finish and wine corks to create a dotty motif. And, let's face it – this season, you're likely to have high volumes of vino stoppers.

9. Make your own Christmas wreath with Mason lids

A Christmas wreath made from mason jar lids and bauble decor

(Image credit: Mom Dot)

Creating a Christmas wreath from your Mason jars is a beautiful way to create a non-round decoration in any size to display on your door. Here, the lids are put to good use by Stephanie, owner and writer of Mom Dot, to make a wow-factor design that'll give your property kerb appeal.

Now, you don't have to be a canning enthusiast or eat your way through a ton of pickles to start the process. Thankfully, you can buy Ball Regular Mouth Lids and Bands (24-Pack), from Amazon.

You can create a design as small or as large as you want and, if you do go mega with your Mason jars, this could also be used as an alternative Christmas tree.

10. Create a suspended window decoration

Five mason jars filled with floral arrangments and suspended from a height with string on coat hooks as window display

(Image credit: Mason Jar Crafts)

There are many reasons why we might want to decorate our casements for Christmas. Asides from looking aesthetically-pleasing, it stops nosy neighbors and potential thieves from peering into your home. So this Christmas window decorating idea is both pretty and purposeful.

To make this delightful display, hang Mason jars filled with flowers (seasonal, colorful, dried, or faux) and hang them from a height using coat hooks.

11. Create a fresh herb station for your Christmas roast

A trio of mason jars filled with fresh mint, cilantro and rosemary herbs

(Image credit: KILNER)

Roast lamb with homemade mint sauce, crispy potatoes with rosemary... Is there anything that herbs can't heighten the flavor of? So have your own live herb garden to hand when prepping your meats and side dishes this Christmas for an instant gastronomic upgrade to dried seasonings.

Transfer plants from plastic containers found at the garden center or grocery store for an eco-friendly alternative that you can reuse over and over again. These Kilner jars available from Amazon, are the perfect sturdy storage container for fresh produce.

How do you paint Christmas Mason jars?

'Make your season jolly and bright when you paint Mason jars with your favorite holiday colors. A handprint creates the Santa face shape, giving you a personalized décor item for your home.' says Laura McDonald, creative producer, Rust-oleum.

Of course, you don't have to have a Mason-branded container. There are several types of glass canning jars that you can add your own spin onto like one expert shares:

'It’s a really simple process to decorate your Kilner® Jar – the only guidelines really are to make sure you’ve got a clean dry jar and if you’re using a paint you choose a well-ventilated area to do it,' says Jo Booth, senior brand manager, Kilner®.

'We have lots of inspiration and we’re always thrilled to hear from Kilner® fans who’ve created their own designs. For Christmas, simple white paint with red or gold writing or design works well but you can also fill Kilner® Jars with jams, bath salts, or sweets for that perfect hand-made gift.'

What can you put inside a Christmas mason jar?

You can pretty much put whatever festive treats or gifts you like in a Christmas Mason jar, from bath fizzies and sugar scrub to cookies and apple butter.

'A Mason jar is the perfect place to display a snowman figurine and some artificial snow. Give it some color and look at your beautiful winter scene anytime you like!' says McDonald.

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