12 bold house number plaque ideas

Multiply your home's kerb appeal with one of these fun and stylish house numbers

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Updating your home's exterior? A good looking house number that reflects your home and personality is a must-have buy (and it'll help the postman find you too). We've gathered our favourites.

What to consider when buying a house number

Material: If your house number is exposed to the elements, a hardwearing, weather-resistant material is essential.

Colour: If you're adding a new front door or painting your front door, for a smart look, match the colour to your house number plaque. And remember, the brighter the colour, the easier it'll be for friends to find your house.

Style: Ensure you choose a plaque which reflects the style of your home. A large black floating square may not be quite right on a country cottage...

1. Pick a pretty pattern

Go for an elegant print and striking monochrome to make your number pop. This design would work well on both modern and traditional homes.

monochrome house number plaque

Geometric Deco acrylic house sign, £34.99, Abodian Signs

2. Go for a rustic look

Perfect for a country cottage, a painted wooden plaque sets the tone for a handmade home.

house number plaque

Personalised house number sign, £22, Potting Shed Designs 

3. Think pink for contemporary homes

Be bold with a strong architectural aluminium design – the postman definitely won't miss this one.

pink house number

4. Brighten your exterior with sunshine yellow

What better a way to say 'welcome home' than with this cheery shade? The bright colour paired with a classic font would be a fun addition to a townhouse.

yellow house number plaque

5. Choose French chic

Embrace French style with this timeless design, ideal for contemporary urban pads and country cottages alike.

French house number plaque

French enamel house number plaque, £18.50, Willow & Stone

6. 1930s semi? Be Art-deco inspired

Perfect for a pre-war house, you know there's a stylish home waiting behind this door. The warm metal looks great against a darker shade of door.

art-deco style gold door numbers

Art-deco brushed brass gold house door number, £12 each, Pushka Home 

7. Find an eye-catching design

Think outside the box with this quirky shape.

triangle house number

8. Look sharp in a contemporary setting

This ultra-modern house number is perfect for a contemporary home.

house number plaque

Modern contemporary large square floating acrylic house sign, £44.95, Bali & Boo 

9. Keep things simple with slate

Nothing fussy here, just simple pared back numbers.

black slate house numbers

Slate cut numbers, £12.99 per number, UK Sign Shop

10. Bright and beautiful – and unmissable

Your home will not be missed out with this 30cm long sign!

large orange house number

11. Traditional oak for trad homes

This classic design adds character and warmth.

wooden oak house number

Oval natural oak wooden house door number, £29.95, Amazon

12. Don't be missed – go larger than life 

Sometimes bigger is better and these large numbers are just the ticket.

large silver house number