Increasing living space with a loft conversion

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Property developer Matt Sutton’s loft conversion increased the size of his apartment by a third.

Matt Sutton

‘Discovering a large, unused loft space was what convinced me to buy my Grade II-listed flat as it offered so much potential. While I was waiting for planning permission to convert it, I renovated the rest of the flat, which included rewiring, replumbing and sound-proofing the floors and installing a new kitchen and bathroom. The loft conversion builders erected a scaffolding tower and created an access hole to take their materials into the loft.

‘I now have two extra bedrooms and a bathroom in the loft, which has increased my living space by a third and turned a two-bedroom, single-storey flat into a four-bedroom, two-storey “penthouse” apartment.’

Cost: £18,000-22,000

In the gallery

Image 1 Cast iron-framed rooflights were installed to flood the bedroom with light. The builders took all their building materials through one of the holes made for the rooflights.